You its funny how we keep shouting of corruption in the country, this thing called corruption not just starts from today, it as been in existence from a very long time.

When we talked about the corruptive act of our leaders, what about us that the corruptive act of the leaders is in favor. Are they still corrupt or its just an influence?

See what we call influence this day is corruption, because this influence of a thing can never be enjoy by all of us. Now take for instance, there as been a registration of voters card(Pvc) in the country and national identity card (Nin) and am now opportuned to have people in the offices, and during this time or period used to be on queue under the sun from morning till the evening everyday, i now want to do my own registeration, as i got there, i actually went there with some of my friends or families, as we got there, we met people on queue but based on the influence and connection, we boycott the queue and entered straight away as we got there without queuing. Now to those people on queue, what do you think will be there thinking at that particular moment, they may even be fighting for there right at that particular time but it doesnt work like that.

In banks, immagine people as been queuing in the sun, abd people are finding it difficult to enter into the bank easily based on the over crouded of the bank. People will now be given tallies as in tags showing the number in which individuals falls. A yahoo boy now comes around to make use of the bank, in which whenever he come around like that, he used to settle the workers in the bank, you now think he will no enter easily without tag or queue. Or a scenario in which a particular king of a town come to makes use of bank. He will surely enters with ease.

Again to the politician aspects, slots on schorlaships and job opportunity used to be available, and there are ways in which this slots is bein allocated, if a king was given like 5slots, and he has like 3childrens, wherr do you think his going to distribute the slot to first and also has a brother that has a son that will be needing the slot, and so on. So if people comes to know about the issue of slot, they will now be complaining that the king is selfish, in which before the king could think about the outsider at all, the slot is finished.

Nowadays in my country, without connection, you are going no where unless God himself pave ways for you. The rampant thing in nigeria this days is the use of connection, we have graduates in which before they becomes a graduate, there work is already on ground as in theyve already secures a job before even becoming a graduate based on there fathers influence or mothers influence, or knowing one or two dignitries in the countries, while we have a lot of graduates out there in which theyve graduated over 15years ago and they are still yet to secure a reasonable or tangible work to do, because they did not know people or have legs to reach thise top offices. Most of them are niw into transportation business, some became bike riders and the likes. Seriously with little experience have gotten so far in this country, have come to know that you need to know one or two high dignitries in the country in order to be successful in the country also with prayers.

So if we are opportuned to get to them or get close to there childrens, lets make use of the opportunity cos not all of us is going to have the opportunity of getting close. Have a nice day

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