One of the Major protein content source that must have read people go for. It is very easy to buy and affordable.


Hi Hiveans,

Its a very bright wonderful weekend here in ilorin kwara State Nigeria where we have a lot of foodstuff both in raw and in cooked. we also have different types of market here at the moment which gives individual the access to go to whichever one you like and also prefer. There are market which are normally opened 5 days interval and there are some 7 Days interval and there are some the open the market every day so it depends on your choice and what you want to buy. I was a local market god the Yoruba market which is located along challenge Road ilorin town. when I got there I saw so many things I would like to show you guys but for now I have the protein content source.

There are so many people who condemn these kind of meat that I showed below but I can assure you that it is much more preferable than eating nothing but the protein content in it is somehow low.



  • There are so many people also who love to eat this kind of meat and it depends on what you love as your choice. And also it depends on the money out and presently it cost #300 per one , and also #250 per one respectively. 0.72 United States Dollar, 0.60 United States Dollar.




  • I also went to the dried fish store or shop. The dried fish was absolutely displayed for people to buy




This is another set of protein content which most people use as ingredients for vegetable soup, or for stew. It can also be consumed alone this are for other people. This are also dried fish which so many people love most.




I captured this while I was working and also making enquiries of some other food stuff. In combination of this food ingredients are all in one protein content source.






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