The problem is not because you don’t have money to invest in yourself.


Investment can be termed as a trade-off between return and risk. Investment has many meanings.
Investing in one's self should be a priority.
People invest to have means of surviving as it is the best way to ensures betterment and protection of one’s life during the peculiar.
It's funny how you asked people why they don’t invest and their response will always be “I don’t have money to invest or I have little income”.
Yet these same set of people without money to invest prioritize clothes, drinks and all other things that don’t bring money to their pocket, as there is always something they can spend money on.

Investing doesn’t mean you have to be as rich as the richest man on earth before you can invest.
Little money can also help; it goes a long way if you know what to invest in, so that it works well and no problem arise while doing so.

If you make it your priority to invest in yourself, you will get ideas on how to raise the money the same way you raise the money for drinks, clothes and other things.
So, the problem is not because you don’t have money to invest in yourself but because you prioritize things that don’t bring money to you.

Investment should not be made an option but a necessity.

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