May I Remind You - HIVE Is Censorship Resistant


Lately, I have seen more and more content creators getting either demonetized or fully blocked from putting their content on Youtube and other social networks. It is scary that these big corporations have such power to control the narrative of what's happening. Starting from 'fact checkers' to 'shadowbanning' and even 'legal' implications. If we continue in the same manner, soon we won't have the freedom on the internet as we knew it.

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There is one thing we can do to take the power from the big corporations gives it back to the people. Whatever it is that you are creating and publishing online, you can use multiple HIVE dApps and upload your work on the blockchain. Not only will you be sure that your content remains online, but you will also earn rewards in the form of various cryptocurrencies. Win-win, right?

If you're a streamer or a video content creator, I suggest you take a look at

If you're a writer, find your community and start earning both HIVE and various hive-engine tokens depending on which front-end and tags you're using.

Mostly, I'm using because my content is focused on earning more crypto and finding new opportunities to earn. Other than that, I'm also using multiple tags of other tribes to get better exposure for my articles.

What's beautiful about using other Hive dApps is that you're earning multiple tokens.

After doing good work and earning some tokens, I can decide whether I want to sell them or stake them. For the most time, I'm using the staking option because I believe in Hive and the power of Web3.

If the global powers decide to 'immunize' the internet, we gotta brace ourselves for a change. By using a decentralized network, we are taking the power back. Join and be the change you want to see in the world! - go and share your thoughts about HIVE on this tweet.

Thank you for reading! It's nice to be writing again.

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