My update translation of Ecency Vision/Mobile for Indonesian Language 10/20/2021



Hello Hivers and Ecency Lovers around the world,

I am back tonight to reports of my translation for @ecency Vision/Mobile application from English into Indonesian. I can tell you that Ecency is going to bethe greatest application run on Hive Blockchain. And there will be more users will use the @ecency in creating their contents in this platform. And, you must do it right now then you will see the benefit of using @ecency.

Why do I keep translating @ecency from English into Indonesian language? I do it because I would like to help Indonesian users on Hive Blockchain to use this great application in mining $HIVE. I promise to translate every single string or word of @ecency anytime. Anytime!

And I keep promoting this application for new users from Indonesian community to create all content, comments, or to vote contents of their friends using Ecency Vision/Mobile. They can earn coins from @ecency that can be boasted their contents to earn $HIVE in their posts. in Hive Bkockchain to use Ecency in creating contents here because Ecency is very friendly user application.



Multi-culture and multi-language was always one of the strongest points of Ecency because we embrace people from all culture and nations. With that said, we are launching new translation program where you can make Ecency speak in your tongue and get rewarded in process. source

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My Contrubution To The Project

Actually, the initial language of the project was English and my first task was to translate Ecency Vission into Indonesian and then on April 7, 2021 I was approved by @good-karma to translate the Ecency Mobile from English into Indonesia.

I have a strong commitment to keep translating Ecency Application for mobile and dekstop version because I want to help the users from Indonesia to be easier in creating any posts on Hive Blockhain. I am sure most of users from Indonesia will use this application to be rewarded in Hive. There is no doubt for me to write like that because I know more and more users from Indonesia will be here with us.

Now the translation of Ecency Vision/Mobile from English into Indonesian language had been 100%. I am sure that Indonesian community will be happy to create contents on this blockchain using this Application.

Now, Indonesian users will be happy to create your contents on Hive Blockchain using Ecency Application on your desktop/mobile.

See you.