You can buy $XTM until 16 of March, 2021


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How are you my lovely friends that love crypto very much on this blockchain?

This is my latest post to talk on the development of Torum. I have written about this cryptocurrency platform several times on Leo Finance. I have explained what Torum is in this post for the first time. I informed the Indonesian Community too in this post Then, I've also written about $XTM, the Token of Torum here and I informed all cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the pre-sale of Torum. Also I explained you as my friends how I was very happy to know the progress of the pre-sala of $XTM here.

However, I thought that I should provide important additional information about the ongoing development of the $XTM Pre-Sale that you can read at

Until now, $ XTM of Torum had been sold up to 67.14% of 100% the team of Torum targeted. The total $XTM sold in the Pre-Sale is 10 million $XTM which is 1% of the total amount of the token. This is certainly an amazingachievement from Torum and we are the users of Torum hope that the Pre-Sale will run perfectly until the end of the date set by a team, so that the Torum will be a great platform on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-based social media.

How much is the price of $XTM that you can buy in the Pre-Sale?

The Torum’s team has established from the beginning that the price of the $XTM in pre-sale is 0.05 USDT. When I created this post there was already $ 335,703.6 USDT collected from the Pre-Sale. The target is $ 500,000.00 USDT. You can see that Torum is just need a few times away from reaching the 100% sale of the pre-sale of $XTM.

When does the pre-sale of $XTM will be end?

It's never too late for you who want to participate in the pre-sale of $XTM. You still have time to buy $XTM until 16 of March, 2021.

In Torum's official news on his Twitter social media account at @torum_official informed us that the Torum team mentioned the time to purchase the $XTM was still ongoing until 16 of March 16, 2021 at 12:00 AM (UTC +8). As a Torum Ambassador, I must share this important thing for all of you in order you get this valuable information.

You can read the information about it that I took from the official twitter of Torum below;

Be sure to get yourself a bag of #XTM as there is only 33% of #XTM Pre-Sale tokens left for grab.

🧑🤝🧑21,000 Crypto Enthusiasts
⛏️8 Months Old Beta Product
🚀Alexa Global Rank at 56,158
🍻7:44 Daily Time on Site

Join now before it is too late<ahref="">"">—Torum 👨🚀 (@torum_official)March 1, 2021

Official Twitter of Torum.

Then, what is Torum?

Torum is a new social media that is a platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide to gather being a big cryptocurrency community. Currently there are more than 30,000s of users on Torum came from all over the world. Most of the users on Torum are cryptocurrency lovers and content creators on various social media blogging platforms such as Hive, Steemit, Uptrennd, Publish0X, Noise Cash, Read Cash, and they are also the cryptocurrency traders.

Only at Torum, you can discuss various things about cryptocurrency projects and also the prices of these digital assets. Traders who are on Torum and active in the cryptocurrency market often provide information on which tokens can be bought today, and at what price they can be bought. For me who is a crypto trader, being at Torum is a fortune. I gained new knowledge about cryptocurrency trading on Torum.

One more thing that is very interesting on Torum is that you can meet several large companies that are owners of the cryptocurrency. You can discuss directly with them about the cryptocurrency project you purchased.

What do you think about Torum? Are you interested in joining Torum and also do you want to be a Hodler of $XTM?

Thank you very much for your appreciation, be happy and keep creating your great contents on Hive Blockchain.

Warmest regards from Indonesia.

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