Listnerds First Impressions


at the recommendation of @misslasvegas I have just signed up to listnerds on the free account setting to check out what its all about.
First of all I got some kind of offer to purchase the highest account type for a considerable discount but I wasnt quite ready to take the plunge. They made it quite clear that it was the ONLY time I would ever be offered this discount and indeed, the chance has gone. It wsa still like $67 per month or something and I didnt even really know what I was getting in to so my recommendation is, if youre thinking of taking this seriously, to do some more research than I did before you sign up!


It seems to be an application that allows a growing list of people to support each other using an in-house emailing system. The idea is you all click on each others email links and earn in-house currency in the process.
Here is a look at the dashboard you'll see when you sign in:
Screenshot (33).png

What do I have to do?

As you can see beneath the grey 'mail read' icon, I have read 15 emails.
To 'read' an email, all I have to do is go to the inbox tab on the far left and click it to see a fairly conventional list of emails in my inbox. (I signed up last night and there were already 15 waiting for me this morning from various other users). All You have to do is open the email and then click the link within it. You do not have to read anything if you don't want to, as soon as you have clicked the link, you have earned MAIL tokens.

You can see at the top of my dashboard that I have earned 75 Mail tokens. If I shelled out for one of the paid accounts I would be earning considerably more MAIL per email read, but for now Im happy just testing it out. MAIL tokens are used to send out your own emails. One MAIL is enough to send ONE email to ONE other user, so already I could reach 75 people after just a few clicks this morning and be fairly confident that most of those emails would get opened. This is an interesting thing to consider.... Ive never done any email marketing schemes like this but obviously its been around for a while and has been successfully utilised as a means of promotion, site traffic and click conversion.... presumably leading to a certain amount of sales as well (if thats the sort of thing your trying to get!)


There are two other reward tokens that can be earned through listnerds. CTP and ListNerds


The CTP token is the primary token for earning by reading and verifying mail. You can earn CTP passively by staking it within ListNerds.

  • Basically you can either earn CTP by blogging on hive with the #ctp tag or you have to purchase some CTP on Hive-engine and then transfer it to Listnerds which is just another one of those hassles that seems to come with most blockchain applications. If you want to earn around here, sooner or later you're probably going to have to muck about with some buying and transferring of crypto.

The more CTP staked the more voting power you’ll have and the more emails and messages that you can verify and that gets your share of the daily rewards that we pay out to senders, receivers and stakers of these tokens.

  • So its another place where you can slowly (or quickly if you like!) grow your stake and increase your earnings the more you invest in the platform. Like anything its going to require your time and energy to make the most out of this but I see a lot of first hand reports from Hive bloggers exclaiming about how powerful, profitable and motivating it has been for them so its an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to really make something of their content!

The LISTNERDS token is the primary token for earning by sending mail that get verified. You can earn LISTNERDS passively by staking it within ListNerds.

  • So while staked CTP earns you passive income for reading other peoples mail, staked ListNerds will earn for you when YOU send your own mail and it gets verified by OTHER USERS.
  • Unlike CTP You can't earn ListNerds by blogging, you Have to purchase it on Hive-Engine to get some.

I hope that gives you a bit of an intro in to Listnerds. Im not certain yet how much I will use it but I'll try to give it a go, but certainly if I was taking my blogging seriously I would be using this site as a major supplement for my income.
Time for some gaming now I think....


if you want to use my affiliate link to sign up to splinterlands, here it is:

first battle of the season, and Mylor puts me straight back down in to silver III. Sigh. Pray for a decent run or I may get sucked deep in to the quagmire....

But the Carnage titan gets me straight back in... thankfully it was mylor again!

Then taking out a Yodin/Grum combo with Quix felt good! perhaps a tiny foothold in gold...

YES! Another Victory! This is starting to look good! Quix is really seeing me through

Thankfully this windeku didnt have healing, otherwise id have lost. Quix does it again!

Im honestly amazing I got the misses I did in this crazy rage battle. Melee attacks from anywhere so I went heavy and slow with some melee debuffs but my opponent went for super speedy magic! How did I win it? You'll have to watch and see!

That was the sneak quest over and done with, but I had another quest lined up apparently! FIRE!
I am now firmly established in gold so no fear of dropping down. Its been the easiest start to a season I can remember for a long time... IM definitely getting that run of good luck I was praying for!

Fire and opportunity ruleset ALWAYS means KABOOM time with my exploding dwarf ;P

Thins were not going as smoothly with the fire quest but I did manage to power through this battle with my heavyweights

This was a pretty cool sneak battle where I amplified my enchanted defender and wrecked them all up.

Its getting tough and Im getting hungry so i think Im genna leave it for the day and finish this quest tomorrow.

peace out everyone!


I've heard the guys on the Cryptomaniacs podcast talking about Listnerds, but I don't totally get it. I'm not an email marketing guy and I am not sure I want more email to deal with. It's another option for folk to play with.

Hope you get out to enjoy the nice weather.