A fiction of JPM to China with Love you long time?




A hypothetical love story about JPM and China..

"Hey my name is JPM.." (Inner Dialogue), towards Ambassador whatever.

The first instinct of ambassador whatever is, ""F&&ck you guillo" , but in reality what was said was, "Oh Mr Dimon, so gracious to see you."

The scene turns to Jamie Dimon the big Kahoona at JP MORGAN BANK. Jamie's Inner Dialogue, "Yah, Yah asshole ch**k you know why I'm here"

Ambassador then keeps their cool while Jamie fixes his feet and shakes his torso upright. He then adjusts the sleeves to whatever expensive suit and say's, "Thank you for your graciousness I'm here on an urgent journey from JPM."

Ambassador whatever responds in an almost confidently voice, "Oh, what is that?"

Jamie Stiffens and fixes his eyes towards Ambassodor whatever in a premeditated cold like stare. "Well as you know JPM has a huge short on the gold market at the moment. The recent news of you letting your citizens have a gold savings account sanctioned by you is great. Only thing is that it interferes with you know.."

Ambassador whatever laughs, knowing exactly what he means.

"Listen please tell emperor Ping, let him know that this can have un wanted ripple effects.

Jamie's inner Dialogue screams, "You Fuc^&ng know what we do to the price"


"Well, with all do respect, China has a long tradition of using gold as money.."

To be continued..

So should we continue the love story?