A more in depth look into DBLN (Serfdom and Sorcery)

source: https://screenrant.com/dungeons-dragons-most-powerful-ranked/

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the immersive world of Serfdom & Sorcery, a medieval fantasy role-playing game on Discord! As a brave hero in a land filled with danger, mystery, and intrigue, you'll forge your path through a vast and dynamic realm, battling monstrous creatures and growing in power and prestige.



So after a week or so of playing this Discord games, it's sure damn fun getting in at the very beginning. Founder's were given a little extra gift, and I was able to buy myself some farms, which produce currently 500 #DBLN a day. Some founder's chose to upgrade their character HIGH. Which will produce the most DBLN in the end?? I'm not sure! One farm is costly; 50,000 DBLN

We are becoming a very active community, and it's easy crypot to make. But before you think you can milk this, well we are watching for the BOTS right right from the beginning. You as well need to #withdraw minimum of 2000 #DBLN. Double or triple accounts might not be much of an issue as long as there is no automation of them. With AI BOTS this might prove difficult in the beginning. So I am thinking we may need to implement personal DM's if we see suspicious activity. There's many in number who will take advantage.

Honestly, it's more fun upgrading organically especially if crypto is hard for you to earn. #DBLN is intensive to upgrade your character. Stay small forever; mine minimum a day like a monkey. From healing potions to character upgrades you will work for your DBLN. That doesn't mean there aren't simple and even passive ways to earn it (mining, farming, fishing). You could of course buy DBLN, one hive engine..



The bot often goes down for technical reasons. It has never gone down a full day and we are hoping bugs get worked out. I am sure there will be further modifications to stabilize this very new Discord game. It does a great job of getting more action in the Discord, and it's of course not hardware intensive for users. We are participating much more in the PSYBER-X universe Discord..

Really this should have been called Medieval-X but whatever..



Commands you will be using A LOT!

  • !help - Show this help message
  • !register <hive_account> - Register your account. 3 different messages from bot to follow
  • !attack - Attack a random monster
  • !stats - Show your character's stats
  • !upgrade <attack|defense> - Upgrade your character's attack or defense
  • !buy_potion <small|medium|large> or revive - small: 25, medium: 75, large: 175 HP healed. cost: - S: 200, M: 500, L: 1000,revive: 500
  • !heal <small|medium|large> - Use a potion to heal your character
  • !withdraw - Withdraw tokens to your Hive account (must be paired with a hive account)
  • !buy_farm - Buy a farm to receive daily tokens 50,000 DBLNs, 500 daily tokens farmed per farm
  • !revive - Revive your character if they died in battle (must buy revive potion)
  • !deposit - Deposit tokens from hive-engine to use in game.
  • !quest - Start a new quest to defeat a specific monster and earn tokens based on the quest -
    difficulty. Players can only start a new quest every 3 hours.
  • !resetquest - Reset your current quest and get a new one if you don't want to complete the
    current one. Players can only reset their quest once.
  • !leaderboard - Check the leaderboard to see the top players in the game based on their rank in -
    the feudal system, amount of tokens, and stats. (currently not working)
    -!fish - Try your luck at fishing to catch fish that yields you tokens.
  • !steal - Try to steal from a registered user;
  • !Harvest - As the Nature expertise you can harvest tokens every 2 minutes, now level increases when used.
  • !mine - Must have a pickaxe to mine, use !buypickaxe to purchase one 350 DBLN
  • !hammer - combat class is able to blacksmith to gain tokens
  • !visit_shaman - Once every 24 hours you may visit the shaman to heal back to 100 HP. 100 CAP.
  • !buyhovel - Hovel gives you 20 HP every 4 hours, and protects you from stealing 4 times in a 12hr window
  • !buyforge - A forge is used to upgrade tools for better earnings
  • !forgepickaxe - upgrade your pickaxe for more rewards when mining
  • !buydagger - A dagger for the pillager class, increases everything with stealing
  • !forgedagger - Upgrade the dagger
  • !upgradeforge - Increase the level of the forge for higher level equipment upgrades.

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Using the command !steal @(username)..well I got caught, sometimes I lose some currency #DBLN or some health..


Using the command !mine, u can mine DBLN.

Withdrawing and Depositing is simple. Just register your #Hive-username in the Discord register channel, and simply transfer tokens with the instructions.


Source: Coal Mining Portraits by taken by Commercial Photographers Brisbane ...


If you liked this post and you are new to the PSYBER-X universe, please use my referral link. It's another PSYBER-X game that is hitting #HIVE. Really the wait has been worth it. I'm finding newer and newer cross Universe reasons to own the PSYBER-X #NFT's. One of those NFT's is a commercial plot. This afforded me a few extra farms in the Serfdom & Sorcery - Play to Earn (Mediaeval-X not TM). Just took a little bitching and waiting! Rarely the wait see's development so here's to crossing the first hurtle!

Oh you can also earn free DBLN Airdrops for HP Delegation to @psyberx
Yah I'm reposting this with some updates (since the last post was demonitized for personal ahem #HIVE reasons)

"every 3 months for 1 year we will airdrop 2.5 DBLN per HP delegated to @psyberx"

1st airdrop is June 1st


Official Psyber X Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/psyberx there you will find Serfdom and Sorcery!


Official Hive Blog






No way!


Alright actually pretty cool!

I've been getting this token and put it into the Diesel pool and now just learning what they use it for!

Awesome! Congratulations and nice write up. I like. You did a great job on this post. I appreciate the knowledge and vision you show to this game. And even the commands... Excellent breakdown.

I hope that you're having an amazing day today!


thanks ganja! Come on discord and play! you can !mine daily for free tokens


I'm swamped with so much stuff right now. Or I would.

Just seeing this all become reality in front of me? Amazing.

I'll see what I can do. Got a lot going on and it's another beautiful summer.

And dog. He takes up a ton of time and.is an amazing critter. He loves eskating.

You keep it up! Excellent job and worth reading!