The cycle continues the malaise!



As you have noticed I have not posted in a while. All answers can be made with chat GPT and the like. The world is your oyster, albeit looking forward to a lack of an actual economy.

Oh yah, here comes negative bear. I'll tell you something at least in regards to Canada, and I'm betting on the United States. Bias and extreme prejudice is high, very high.

Human nature online, offline, and high removed is always the same thing as 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 4000 years ago. Sure we have pretty bobbles to keep us busy. New digital masters have not replaced physical masters, and new digital distractions have not replaced physical distractions. Sure an AI could write this, but it would be soulless.

We all know our information 'given' to us is free of charge. If you looked into history, nothing is free of charge. Why do human beings have such a short memory of pretty much everything? The simple reason is that cycles persist within humanity.

"But it's different this time bearbear!"

No it is not. It never was when we thought those things, and neither will it be any different until a religious redeemer comes. So there's not much to say. I mean I really haven't found a golden goose on #HIVE. Yes it's free dollars over the years. I understand it is a gdsend for many around the world. I can appreciate that.

It's just about personal motivation. Perhaps one day in this 'modern' country I would need #HIVE for the free dollars.. whatever dollars will be. Writing this should motivate me to write more. Perhaps I will. I'm a little bear market non-movement in crypto land right now. Apparently my uncle retired 5 years is getting audited. Gubment wants $15k of 'unpaid taxes'. Looks as though the hunters are collecting as much as they can.

I don't really feel bad. I would pay them off one last time, but he's a boomer. He had better times than my generation and the next. So, ca sera sera. He's gonna fight it. I know the legal system in any of these down trajectory countries. Laws mean nothing when governments are broke.

No worries though, AI is here to save us. So there you have it. It's pretty much the same cycle of government muck without any religion. Governments can rape, pillage, and plunder. This is as well as any population under it. I read once read that a countries most valuable resource is it's citizens. I was mistaken in believing it was more productivity and tax generation. My mistake was believing a government would invest in such a thing. Turns out it doesn't matter to maximize productivity. Sometimes in desperation it consumes it's tax payers as it's most valuable resource.

AI won't teach me that. Human history will! They sure don't teach that in the matrix class rooms. Those are failing as well. There are some key's to prosperity. Prosperity always follows building up afterwards. It's just a cycle you see. Perhaps my children's children, children will know. It's all just a cycle.


All of the jobs that they are threatening that AI will replace, i could have replaced 30 years ago.

There are so many positions in corporations that fill out forms. These forms are sent to govern-cements where a person checks and files these forms.

Get rid of the govern-cement, get rid of these forms.

However, i also noticed that many govern-cement entities require mostly the same forms.
These could have all been put into one form.

Further, these could have all been put online with a web interface that checked all the inputs.
And, if designed with an API, then it could be automated to pull from the accounting software.

Who is this govern-cement entity that demands all this make work?