Making Friends

It’s good to meet new people every day and also quite impressive to make good relationship out of them. Am going to be sharing with you how to make good friends.


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Who are good friends?
Friends are good when they have something to offer you or you have something to offer them in return. It may not be physical money, love or whatever but something that cannot be bought with a price. I made some friends whilst I was in the college and guess what, I was the shy type but they stirred up leadership in me. Those are good friends.

My story
I met a friend who is a web developer and works with word press. Wordpress is a content management system and I saw him designing some stuff online. I was so interested because it was a drag and way to easy drop work. I asked him for directions on how to go about it and he handed over to me some videos I could watch which am currently learning right now.


I also had a friend that was into drug addiction, partying and fraudulent lifestyle. What got me closer to him was his aid to me while I was in college. Though he wasn’t like that when I met him but due to influence from other friends he join the gang. I had to realize that I don’t have anything to get or gain from him and I had to cut off.

My lessons
Not everyone is mearnt to be a friend to you. Any you call you friend will either has the type of influence he or she has gotten from another friend in your life. If you have a friend who is a smoker, there might be some smoking tendencies in your life after a while.
Make friends with people who got impact on you and also you have impact on them too.

Friends are good to make especially when they are good also. But there comes a point in time whereby there might be disagreement between the both of you but foster the union in love because you have something of benefit from them.


Photo By Me

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