Stay Healthy: Why Exercising is Good for the body

What is exercise

Exercise means physical activities that enhances the body and builds it up, it helps to develop nerves and muscle it also stimulates growth.

Types of Exercises and it's benefits

There are different types of Exercises and they are all beneficial to the body, let's discuss them one by one.


Walking is a very good and effective exercise that helps a lot in the body.

Walking helps to improve heartbeat and blood circulation thereby saving someone from heart attack and cardiovascular disease like stroke.

Walking helps to keep a standard body weight and also helps to shade off unnecessary weight, it also helps to regulate sugar levels.

Walking helps the body to build more muscles make the bones strong and increase the strength of endurance and energy level.

Walking helps to reduce stress and builds the immune system it even helps to keep the body balanced and more coordinated.

Have you ever thought about how hawkers survive, it is rare for them to be sick, this is possible because they always walk around for hours they shade off unnecessary weight and they always have a normal sugar level so thier heart is always protected from sickness.


Some many people don't find it reasonable to skip but I tell you that if you skip daily for one month you will never want to stop.

There is a bone sickness known as osteoporosis which is a condition whereby the bones are becomes weak and this occurs as a result of loss of strength in the bone.

Skipping saves you from osteoporosis because it builds up the bones density and helps to avoid bone loss.

Skipping helps you to boost your memory to concentrate more and be more alert, it keeps the heart always strong.

Whenever you are skipping you watch your balance, this positively affects our day to day activities and help us maintain our balance.

Skipping rope helps to build your patience and endurance, it strengthen the muscles. Even when you are tired the body to strive for more and this helps to get rid of fatigue.


This is my best exercise because of its benefits, I can squat upto 100reps and I won't regret doing it, when I squat I target my glutes and my quadriceps.

Squats helps to build ladies hip muscles and waistline curves, it also helps build the muscles on the leg and makes the knee more stable.

Squatting helps to improve ones flexibility and it makes the spine bone more stronger and firm.

When you regularly squat you burn calories and build more stamina for a healthy living.




Parents are encouraged to allow thier children swim from early stages because of the vast benefits of swimming.
An adult who always swims will understand more of its benefits.

Swimming improves heart rate and helps reduces stress, it also helps to build confidence and endurance, it helps remove fear and improves life itself.

In all there are so many form of exercise and it is very important that we engage in workouts because of so many important reasons.


Dancing is always fun, you won't even know you are doing an exercise while dancing but you achieve so much by dancing.

Dancing improves the heart condition and it helps in coordinating our body, it also helps the bone to be more strong, it also stimulates mental health.

General benefits of working out always

Personally I enjoy working out because I feel always happy and healthy when I engage in exercise.
I lose a lot of stress that might lead to anger or aggression, I do not easily get depressed when I regularly engage in exercise.

Regularly exercise of any type helps lose weight and remain fit at all time.

Exercise helps to reduce the risk of any form of chronic sickness that might affect the body and some sickness that comes during old age.

My exercise routine

I visit a gym house called befit gym house located at Ilorin street Aguda surulere Lagos location On Saturdays and that is where I engage in different types of exercises.

It costs my 15Hive per visit, I love going to the gym house because I get motivated to do my workout to the full.
Whenever I go there I make friends and I see people who am far more better than and people who are better than me.
More to that the coaches there will always inspire me to do more and they appreciate my little effort.

In the gym house there are many equipments that will help you get an intense exercise.

Every Saturday morning by 8:am we dance as a group after which we go to our different coach for personal classes, it is all fun.

Below is a video of somethings I do there in the gym house.

This is me using an equipment to stretch my tummy as my coach instructed, I was very tired but I was still happy because I know what am gaining.


If you have not been engaging in daily exercise I encouragement you to start now, you won't regret it.
Don't rush, start with the little you can do then gradually increase it and you will enjoy your life more.
Thank you all.