Chaos Legion summoners, 2022 and long term goals.



At the time of writing, I have all but one Chaos Legion summoner in my collection. The missing link is that devious Legendary dragon summoner we all know as Quix the Devious.

I've still not been fortunate enough to add the legendary summoner to my collection but with the others, I think I'm progressing quite nicely.

Right now, I have summoners for all the other elements and they're all up to level two at least. I've still not put them into the rentals market because there's not much benefit to derive from them there.

Instead, I've been using them for seldom ranked battles and guild brawls, whenever there are favourable frays open. The thought of leasing them out to my friend has also crossed my mind.

Money on my mind

It goes without saying that I need more summoners. My short-term goal is to max out this new set of summoners but I also intend to achieve it organically. Right now, I'm still a long way off that dream.

This is part of the reason that I'm eagerly anticipating the general sale of CL packs. We're only 40% complete right now and it doesn't seem like all the packs will be bought for this round.

It seems more like many investors have decided to slow down their purchases, focus on Christmas and just hold their bags until the new year. I can't blame them though, especially with so much talk about a bull run coming in January, it might be nice to just chill.

For me though, it's just going to be more of the same, as I continue to accumulate towards the general sale. In the past two weeks, I've been blowing my Credits on packs with vouchers but now we're at the halfway mark, I'll start accumulating vouchers towards the second phase of my strategy.

The next phase

At the halfway mark, I ended up with 55 packs for the airdrop draw. I really doubt this will be enough to get the new monster but at least I tried.

Now I'm going to hold vouchers and eventually sell them for swap.hive that will then be exchanged for Splinterlands credits. All the credits are going to be put into purchasing more Chaos Legion packs.

My dream for that phase is to hopefully get my hands on a few gold foil legendary monsters. It all depends on if lady luck smiles on me of course.

In the first draw, where I had 59 packs, I got one GF legendary and one GF epic amongst many other cool cards. So, considering that I'm going for 250 packs this time, I think 5GF legendaries isn't too much to ask for.

At the current market price, even five of the cheapest GF legendary will be able to get me back my initial capital and then some that will cover for the roughly $200 that I also need to spend on potions to open 250 packs.

There's chaos in the market

The release of chaos legion packs has coincided with a monumental drop in the value of Splinterlands assets. These new set of monsters with their new abilities have sort of taken the shine off some stalwarts of the past.

Of course, it must be said that when the expansion begins and the new league starts. However, right now that everybody's lumped together, and that might be influencing the market a little bit.

For example, look at the rare summoners in the Chaos legion packs; the fire summoner offers both melee and health boost, unlike the Malric Inferno that offers only melee. Yeah the CL summoner costs one extra mana but that's chump change when compared to the buff she adds.

I'm not saying anything for a fact though, it's more of a thought than anything else. I could be wrong but I could be right.

Do you even chaos bro?

Anyway, Chaos monsters are bringing the pain and their influence is pretty obvious to see. Virtually everyone at all levels have been really busy accumulating these monsters.

I checked the top battles and even the higher ups have been using Chaos monsters regularly. Down in Bronze league, it is almost exclusively Chaos Legion monsters being used for battle.

This is expected due to the fact that Chaos monsters are relatively cheaper than every alternative. The reliance on Chaos monsters reduces as we climb higher up the ladder but generally speaking, Chaos is wreaking havoc in Splinterlands.

I remember Dice packs going on sale and the monsters as well but you don't see too many Dice monsters in battle. Even the dice summoners don't seem to be getting used as often as Chaos Legion monsters are getting used.

COuld it be recency bias or are Chaos Legion monsters just more awesome than everything else? Time will tell.

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It is pretty startling to see how much Chaos Legion has changed the gameplay. Just when I was starting to get kind of good. I was having quests with 5 battle victory sweeps in my favor and now I have to start again with learning, it will never get boring lol



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