Leofinance mobile app testing: Dapplr Similarities, Convenience and What's missing


The Leofinance application for Android devices was launched three days ago. Immediately the publication went live, I ran down to Google play store to download the application.

In this publication, I'm just going to be running down my impression of the mobile application. Bear in mind that the application is still in the testing phase, so some features that are not working now will work in the future.

Content discovery

This part of the publication highlights all the features of the application that actually work.

So let's start from the feeds section that you can find on the homepage of the application.

On the homepage, you can toggle between different content highlight presentations at the top right of the screen.

Also, you can also select between content on your customized feeds or content that's been "curated". The content in that section is the posts you'd normally find under "curator's pick" when you use the main website.

The contents in "My feed" are from the publishers that you follow on Hive that publish on Leofinance.

If that's not enough, you can also discover more content by clicking on that magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen.


The magnifying glass allows for more content discovery by taking you into a section where you pick between trending, hot, and new posts on the community.

In the "Explore" section, you can also search out any author you want by using the search bar at the top of the screen.

Publishing, and curating

Publishing content is also very easy and convenient with the application. The application offers an intuitive text editor that mirrors all the qualities of using it on a desktop


The good thing is that the mobile application has a draft for you to save content but the disadvantage is that the draft isn't connected to the website or web app.

So that means you won't have access to your work on a computer if you start working on the mobile app or vice versa.


For curating, the application is very convenient and will make life easier for me. Thanks to the fact that it makes it very easy to switch between accounts, upvoting with my curation account is a lot easier and convenient.

The only problem I can see with the upvoting feature is that the double-tap to upvote doesn't work. I believe that's something that needs to be looked at and sorted out because that feature will make life even easier for users.


Finally, the app also allows you to customize the colour scheme to suit your visual requirements. You could go with a number of themes, as well as night mode to cater to most requirements that a user will have.

What you can't do

As I mentioned at the beginning, the application is still in the testing phase, so certain features can't be accessed for now. The most notable absence is access to your wallet and the fact that it shows your Hive voting power and not your Leofinance voting power.

Interestingly though, it looks like the application intends to include the "Convert HBD" feature. Do you think that feature will be for Leo tokens or will it be for Hive? I've always wanted to trade Leo tokens directly with HBD, so I'll be looking out for that one.

As I mentioned earlier, the double-tap to "like" post feature doesn't work as well, so that's something that I reckon will be added in further updates.


It's a simple application that is meant to handle all the daily transactions you do on Leo. Using this app basically ensures that you no longer have to use a browser and this has invariably improved the ease of access to Leofinance.

The application kind of reminds me of Dapplr, which, if you remember, suddenly disappeared. My best guess is that @khal captured the Dapplr devs in his basement and tortures them by forcing them to watch old episodes of Friends on Netflix until they caved in and created this application. Either that or it's a coincidence.

It is still a work in progress, so expect a couple of glitches and finally, suck it Apple users. Android Rules!!!!

Contact & Support

  • Discord: belemo#9593
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/belemo__
  • Telegram: uncleskipper
  • Email: belemok@yahoo.com
  • Hive.vote page
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Great post buddy! I to am enjoying the app and it's similarities to Dapplr however one problem I do encounter often is an error when clicking post.

It seems to never want to publish my post a problem I encountered way to much over on the dapplr app.

But apart from that I am really enjoying the experience so far.


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