Snow day #4...I think lol


Today is Feb 18th, 10 days from my birthday. The power could go out at any moment. I have talked to people in other cities and their power is out. They said on the news there would be rolling blackouts. Yet, I sit here at the kitchen table writing on my laptop after watching some #CTP training videos. I am excited. I am excited to learn new things and I am excited to apply the things I have learned to my different projects. I want to tell y'all about our website At we have tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theater. Want to go see Hamilton, we got you. Want to go see The Weeknd or The Rolling Stones perform live, we got you there too. Let's say you have a favorite sports team, we have you covered there too. I am excited to provide people with a way to shop around and not have to stick with the some ol' options. That is our goal, it's to provide people with more options. I am relatively new to affiliate marketing but I know there is massive potential in what we are doing. Let's say your go to ticket provider is out of tickets? Well chances are you can still get a couple tickets through us. As I sit here typing the smoke alarm is going ciao for now.