Starbits price at rock bottom


0.000087 Hive per Starbits is the lowest value I ever seen. Starbits price drop to that point. This is ridiculous. This is absurd but it happens.


I did not know the reason why Starbits price is dropping that much but I think it is a good time to buy Starbits. Someone is dumping and someone is buying. It is the nature of crypto.

I bought a few thousands Starbits from the market when it is cheap. I also bought some RSG NFT from the market. My objective is to reach 35k Fans. Now I have 32596 so I am only 2500 Fans away from it.


My NFTs are getting close to 1000 cards. My Skills are at 67536 so Ego is no longer a problem for me.


I have bought a lot of Orchestra cards to increase my Skill point per mission. It greatly helps me to get Skill quickly. The way I want to build my account is solely depends on the Luck. I will do music lesson daily and buy some Fans cards. I will not bother buying cards if not I need it for Unique.

Thanks for reading my post.

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