Are CBDCs a better alternative?


Since the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, we have seen attacks on Bitcoin and permissionless crypto networks by the IMF and other international bankers.

You have seen many articles, studies and announcements about CBDCs published to make them as same other cryptocurrencies. In a concerted effort, seemingly out of compassion, they tried to instill in all communities the impression that they believe in blockchain technology.

Their efforts in the field of pressuring countries to impose restrictions on cryptocurrencies and opposing El Salvador clearly show how much their heart is with blockchain!

Money and its printing power is one aspect that has severely challenged their power. They certainly won't be interested in technologies that take that power away from them.

One of the criteria by which Bitcoin has been attacked is high energy consumption. How compassionate!

I don't think any of us believe that they really care about the environment or energy consumption!

I think this is a natural reaction out of fear. The fear that comes from the nightmare of losing power. They seek to have a central bank to control and select the people who enter the system.

Their intention is conditional acceptance! Bitcoin is a big leap in finance. Satoshi gave us something beyond Bitcoin itself: Decentralized Blockchain!

A change that they have to accept today! They don't even call CBDCs a cryptocurrency! Even if they use blockchain or any other fast and efficient system, it disqualifies them due to having permission systems and closed systems! In fact, they may be digital currency, but they are not crypto or even close to it!

Interestingly, they keep talking about proof-of-work systems, but they never talk about other systems! For example, Hive. Fast, permissionless and has a working stable-coin. Why? Isn't Hive better than these "with permission" systems in terms of energy? I say yes!


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