Do the right thing regardless!!



Doing internship and having to adjust to a lot of things has been really difficultt and sometimes not encouraging.

The new rules, new lifestyle and what not have been unbecoming..

Just a short story.

When I started my job, I started with adult medicine and things were pretty easy.

Adults knew the importance of receiving their medications and also there were things you could get away with when dealing with adults.

Three months later, I was moved to children medicine and the gameplay was totally different.

They were tiny and any little thing they could pick up an infection.

So there had to be a lot of carefulness.

It was so annoying that I had to be extra careful in everything I did.

A lot of my friends didn't care.

I was tempted to behave that way but couldn't just do it.

After a while I discovered my patients were telling my seniors that I was a good doctor.

Some of them were not allowing other doctors to touch them if it wasn't me.

I felt proud of myself and I was really encouraged.

Do what is right even when no one is looking

A lot of people don't know why they do what they do.

Some follow what others do while some do it because it's the tradition.

The truth is when we do things we should find why things are done that way and do what is right.

Doing what is right makes one stand out in life.

People do it doesn't mean it is right.

Throwing thrash on the road is a normal thing in Nigeria but I know someone who frowns at it bitterly and because of her I stopped throwing thrash indiscriminately.

If I was to recommend someone who could be an advocate for eco-friendliness it will never and that's how people move forward in life

There are times that sentiments would come into play but standing on what is right will save you because when it backfires the reason for being sentimental will fil you.

In summary, stand by what is right even when no one is watching.

Do what is right regardless, it is called integrity.
Thank you for reading


Doing the right thing will always attracts people closer to you.
I believe doing the right thing is a rare virtue and not everyone has it though we all know what is right but the act of doing it is rare. Keep up the good virtue


Wow, what a sincere and truthful insight. Most people know what is right but the trend in following what others do kicks people against doing the right thing most of the time.