Just do it.. There will never be a perfect time to start.



Today, I was doing my devotionals with my girlfriend, and the author talked about the importance of starting small. The author also talked about how he started with his devotionals. He said he started by giving them for free to people in his church and then he started selling it for five naira. Today, his book has been distributed to various parts of the world. The book in question is Our Daily Manna."

After the morning devotion, it made me think for a while and I got really motivated.

A lot of people when starting out want to start out big and this stops them from even starting out at all. For example, I have encountered people who say things like if they don't have a certain amount of money, they won't do a type of business even if they know they can start with what they have. I remember saying that I wouldn't get married till I have about 6 million naira liquid cash. After teh devotional, I thought closely that my decision to get married when I have a big amount of money is not necessary and what is necessary is having the basic things needed to sustain a home. After which, you can build funds together and have a beautiful family.

I also remember a particular lady who I invited to Hive and she was complaining about how small the rewards on hive looks like. I told her that this is not what matters. Well, she started and stopped while another friend who started and was consistent has made over a thousand dollars on the blockchain in less than one year.

In Nigeria and any part of the world, one thousand dollars is a significant amount even if you have it in savings lying dormant.

About two days ago, I spoke to Belemo and I asked him how he manages to post everyday on Hive and he said that he enjoys the challenge. He now said something that made it more interesting. He said he hasn't missed a day since 2019.

I was totally impressed.


But what's the point of this?

Most rag to riches story start from somewhere and most times from nothing. The main thing is identifying something you like. After identifying what you like, the next thing is to determine if what you like is worth it. Once you discover it is worth it, then tell yourself you have to be consistent with it and be consistent.

The beautiful thing about consistency is that it compounds over time.

As small as hive looks, people have diversified their income from hive and made a lot of money from the small singular deed of posting on hive daily.

However, when you start to think linearly , you tend to have a very myopic view of the system.

I feel people should start focusing on long term effect of things than looking at it for their short-term use.

Back in 2020, I came back to hive so I could raise 100$ for my Forex account. I made post everyday and while writing my post, I stumbled on a post about dcity. I joined dcity and discovered that if I was able to flip cards for 6 months, I will be able to make a lot of money.

I played #dcity everyday for 8 months and made over two thousand dollars from an initial $100 investment. Remember, I only wanted to make a hundred dollar for my forex account...

Today, I want to bring back that type of consistency. I want to raise a part of my retirement fund with my hive account.

I have seen the benefits of been consistent and I intend to get more benefits.

I hope you got some thing from this post and I hope you make a decision to have a long term view of things