No life changing money happens overnight



About a few months ago, I started affiliate marketing after seeing the results of the secretary of my national association doing so well. He told me what I needed to start the process. I made my research and decided

So I now do affiliate marketing on the side as I don't believe in depending on only one job. I intend to be amongst the top people in Nigeria in terms of affiliate marketing. Although, I know the job is not an easy one.

This is why I have been learning how to be a salesman and how to become better at it

I have done courses and read a few books. I have read sell like crazy by Sabri Subry. I have read Russel Brunson's Traffic secrets and I am currently reading The art of closing a sale by Brian Tracy. I intend to read a book a week which will mean that I would have read 52 books in a year.

After reading 3 books and completing two courses, I can spot some mistakes of people who are into sales.

In all these, I have learnt that you need to work hard to make good money in life and learning doesn't stop at any point if you want to be amongst the top 4%. Another thing I have learnt is that you can't make money from something if you don't believe in what you are selling.

However, a lot of people think making money is meant to be so easy. They feel making that 100,000$ in commissions can happen overnight without putting in the work.


Short story,...

I recommended a course for a friend who said he wanted to start affiliate marketing and he started and finished the course. He said the course was not worth it as he didn't feel enlightened. He said the course was trash. I was not happy about this review because I did this course and it is worth every penny. Most top books I have read are in sync with this course and this course even goes deeper.

He bought the course and did not implement anything. i discovered he was expecting to just buy a course and after a few days, he will be making 1000$ without implementing. I was very angry because he didn't implement it and went on to make conclusions.

While another person bought the course and is doing very well.

I am not so happy about this guy and I felt I should rang here.

Just for the emphasis, making money is not easy and it requires time and effort to make money. You can't make life-changing money without putting in the work.

I remember a story of a guy who followed up a manager for two years till he got the sale and bagged 200000$ in commission. This is more like it. It takes patience, commitment and determination to make food money.

Thank you for reading.


Well said boss. Making money is not easy. Nothing good comes easy. What is most important is determination and consistency. The goals are very achievable, we just need to be consistent. Most of these things don't happen over night, but it takes some work, learning and unlearning as well as mentorship from those who have been through it, so to avoid mistakes. That helps us to achieve our targets faster.