Buy Bitcoin or Buy Data Camp, That is the Question... πŸ€”πŸ’­

My experience in crypto has really taken me all over the internet. Being here on the hive and sharing my thoughts and experiences through my posting here is all due to the bits!

I've also gotten into creating video tutorials and gameplay videos on Lbry. I've gotten into some affiliate marketing and list building through the CTP talk community here on Hive. I learned how to make nice-looking graphics on Canva. And a ton of other little skills...

Getting into bitcoin and hive has been gateways into a lot of other interesting activities. And the latest thing that I've been getting into is Data Analytics!

The goal of data analytics is to clean and organize data in order to get valuable insights from that data. This can be done through how you organize the dataset, creating visuals from your data, creating dashboards, and probably some other methods I hadn't learned about yet.

But what's really cool is the concept and how the data community is set up. It's a lot like crypto.

It's completely free to learn how to analyze data. There are tons of resources online that will teach you how to use the software and where to find data. It's just up to an individual whether they want to spend time learning the process or not. It can be done with free, open-source programming languages that you can access with any computer. And it's a rewarding learning journey...

Although is possible to learn how to analyze data online for free, like crypto, sometimes is just better to spend a little money on things. And also like crypto, some of these things can get pretty expensive at times.

So although I want to buy more bitcoin, and spend money on learning resources, realistically I can't. 😒

The first certificate I completed was the "Google Data Analytics Certificate". That program was a $40 per month, self-paced course, delivered through Coursera.

As a complete beginner, they did a good job at introducing me to the process of data analytics and gave me enough skills to not be afraid of excel/sheets, SQL, and R.

But I after working on the project for this course, I still have things that I need to work on for sure. The course was great all around, but it focused on Sheet and SQL a little more than R.

The section with R was great for me as a beginner, but I'm definitely gonna need some more practice before I'm ready to do more projects on my own.

So I decided to sign up for code camp!

It's pretty much perfect for what I need. They have a course focused on data analytics using the R programing language. It's beginner-friendly but doesn't offer you as much help as the Google course. They do lots of projects. And they had a sale going on that I couldn't let go!

They were offering access to a $400 course for $150! So needless to say I probably won't be buying more bitcoin or hive for the next few months, unfortunately, but hopefully I learn how to create some nice visuals worthy of sharing with you all sometime soon.

Until then I'll keep you all updated on the journey!







So I decided to sign up for code camp.

All the best my man

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It’s a pretty interesting process, hopefully I can find some data that will make for some interesting posts