Tako Tips: Grow Your Hive Power with a Click of a Button!



Use All the Buttons!

Using all the buttons on hive is a great way to help your account grow! Don’t just post and leave the website. Be sure to find others posts to upvote, comment on, and reblog if you find good content.

Example: Rebloging

This blockchain shows all sorts of data and you never know who’s looking at that data. When you reblog, on certain platforms it’s actually an advertisement for yourself as well!

On the ecency app I’m able to see that 3 people reblogged this post...


And if I tap the icon, I can see which accounts reblogged the content and visit their page..


If someone goes to your page and see’s that you reblog quality content, you may be able to earn yourself a follow without having to create content yourself.

Example: Comment

Y’all this is crazy but comments get upvoted too! All sorts of magical things happen in the comments really...

You may get a cool Hive Engine Token tip...


Or a really cool graphic like the one featured in this post...


I’m just saying it goes down in the comments!

Example: Upvoting

Upvoting is another one of those gifts that keeps on giving! Each post also shows which accounts have upvoted each post!


This makes this another small advertisement for your account and remember you’re always earning those curation rewards for your upvote that go straight to building your Hive Power Stake!

Just remember to stay active on this hive blockchain though! It’s really one of those things were the more you put into it the more you get out of it!

Hope this tip helped someone!

If you’re not on Hive yet be sure to create your free account here: https://hiveonboard.com/?ref=bigtakosensei