Opening of Pedia Vaccination: Having my Daughter Vaccinated


Hello Hive Friends!!

It's been really difficult to post and update here since until now we don't have internet connection. I have been waiting for schedule for kids vaccination,today I am accompanying my daughter who is 11 years old to be vaccinated.


The pandemic has been one of the biggest struggle a lot of us are experiencing. Weeks became months and now it has been two years. In line with education I would say a lot of our children has been affected so much by the deteriorating level of education our children gets. No face to face classes has made them lazy and lack of interaction.


Today I am accompanying my daughter to have her vaccinated. To be honest I am afraid and in doubt of what will be the outcome but what can we do but trust. Without trust from the system and the government we achieve nothing. There will be no change and no result. I for one have been worried of my kids not being able to go to school. Imagine me being worried of teaching them despite the fact that I am a teacher. Being a teacher doesn't exempt me from being tired from work or have paper works to attend to instead of helping my kids with their module.

So I imagine it would be more troublesome for other parents who are regular employees, accountants or maybe nurses and even housewives. They too have things to attend to rather that spending time to teach their kids. But honestly this increase our time with our children and understand how hard it is to let them understand the lesson given to them.


Arriving at the venue for vaccination I was astonished of how they made the vaccination center child friendly. Having it well decorated with lots of colorful paintings, balloons and banners. I am sure the kids will not get bored of waiting. While waiting for the nurse kids were placed in a room where they can watch cartoons, helping them to past the time and won't make them feel restless.

Before coming I prepared the necessary requirements and had a heavy breakfast so we are totally full as we wait. The process is supposed to start at 8 but we still have to wait for the nurses to arrive.


My daughter has been telling me how excited she is, she would be able to get inside Jollibee since the fast food only accepts vaccinated costumers. She would be able to get inside malls and be able to buy what she wants.


We started with checking the child's height,weight and temperature. The in charge in checking the height got surprise cause my daughter is a bit tall for her age. After we were asked to go to the doctor for an interview on allergies and health history. So far the flow of the vaccination was smooth. Good thing we arrived before 8 am coz there are a lot of people already even at 9 am.


Doctors wearing attractive costumes eases the children's anxiety. They were wearing fairy costumes, super mario, anna from frozen, minnie mouse and wearing cute crown headbands.

We finished after 2 hours, well I would say it was quick, unlike when ai had my vaccination. My daughter was a bit nervous when she had her injection, but good thong she was fine. She was happy to receive a lot of freebies.



Being a part of a change might be hard to accept but when we see the effect of that change specially a good one we can appreciate ourself for being a part of it.