Crypto + Finances The Perfect Blend or Oil and Water?

Crypto + Finances The Perfect Blend or Oil and Water?

It's pretty wild how far we have come in the crypto space in just 10 years aka a decade. We have gone from a token worth nearly nothing 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas to 10 years later being worth over $27,000 each and peaking at one point to $70,000!

*Image pulled from CoinGecko

Since then it's become aggressively under pressure from the world leaders and elites. You'll see that most every day people want crypto, like it and like the possibilities of it so when your higher ups continue to try and make up rules to block it and stop it you should seriously start to question your leaders and how they clearly care nothing about you and only care to remain in power and greedy.

This is a huge reason why I always encourage people to hold crypto, use it and fire back and stand your ground at every moment because if we don't it will quickly make the words population controlled by an elite few once again.


We have seen two worlds collide in a rather robust way. It wasn't until about 3 years ago when stable coins really took hold, DeFi, gaming and well the general shutdown and the metaverse where things really took foot. Everyone under the sun wanted to own crypto and wanted to be a part of it.

Will we see levels like that again?

I believe we will but it's going to take time again and more importantly it's going to take all of us standing up for crypto and our freedoms and our rights to some power to make it happen. Including a seamless blend of the FIAT world and crypto something the FIAT world is now hell bent on not allowing to happen.

That blend would be traditional finances mixed with crypto in which crypto would be an acting global currency just like the USD and maybe one day the BRICs system. Now of course all global powers see this as a threat to all they have built while every day people and citizens that make up these countries love it and want it. It's mainly because it stores a sense of power and security back in their lives of which governments no longer do.

Applying Tradition Finances To Crypto

Much of the tradition sectors of Finances are now becoming a part of crypto and what's truly a powerful thing about that is it mainly returns that power back to the people and out of the hands of mega corps, politicians and banks.

While the higher ups complained at how much a scam crypto was when their systems (the banking sector) once again fell apart they tried to blame crypto again but the world saw right through that this time around. Bitcoin was born out of the last banking collapse in which the mega corps and banks got richer and everyone else for some stupid reason had to pay for it and continues to pay for it.

Thus the thought of having finances done in a crypto like setting which removes the middle man and gives more money back to the people makes more sense it's how wealth is more evenly spread across more people then a smaller select few and it's what I envision crypto to be and be at the forefront of.

I found this interesting chart that I want to share with you. It shows clearly the shortsightedness of other monetary systems and how bitcoin or crypto (most anyways with predictable supplies) out beat all current systems and why we are starting to see governments adopt their own versions of this because they KNOW it's better.

When your government starts telling you you're not allowed to do anything in crypto but then "invents" their own centralized version of it you know your best interests are not theirs which is exactly what is playing out in front of us right now.

The Blend

So the question comes around again will we see a blend of crypto and the financial system?

Personally I hope so but in order for that to happen people need to realize they hold the power and need to stand up for such things and stick together. Otherwise we are going to get some weird even more centralized version that strips more freedoms away from people yet again issued by the government. If you haven't read the book 1984 I highly recommend you do so as it shows what the world could be like when people don't fight for their individual freedoms.

Right now we have a oil and water blend of which both don't mix together and the divisions continue to come.


Sr. I personally think in coming years governments will realized what is a best solution they will join decentralized world and it will be game changer movement