The LeoVerse Everything You Should Know

The LeoVerse Everything You Should Know

This is going to be a rather lengthy article but for good reasons. There's actully a huge amount of things this LeoVerse does. I'll split it up into sections so it's easier to digest and also attempt to do my best to order it from easiest to hardest and by hardest I mean it just takes a little know knowledge and understanding or work/investment to get it going not that it's actully "hard to do".

The LeoVerse has grown over the last few years into something truly amazing but it's only the start of it. At some point soon ad revenue buy back will start kicking in which is going to be a massive injection of money into the LEO token but there are a number of other factors that go into the LEO token and it's value which I'm going to go over in this article.

The Social Side

LeoThreads - Threads is now the front of the think of it as a twitter alternative. You can earn some LEO and HIVE blockchain tokens by creating engaging threads that others vote up. You can also earn curation rewards by voting on others threads and others vote on it.

The biggest tips I have for you here are to treat it right. Create worthy good content that others want to interact with and interact with others content as well in a meaningful manner. Also drop a few small votes on those you enjoy and engage with. This should help build you a following which will help with everything overall.

Articles Leofinance was born from articles and so was the hive blockchain. This core feature still exist and is also being updated. Consider articles on LeoFinance to be more of your long from content of 500 or more words. These articles are what mainly get upvoted by the community the most however you're going to have to build connections and interact with others first to really get noticed.

Payout Window
With the Hive blockchain and LEO token the payout currently is a 7 day window. That means for 7 days both articles and threads can be voted on which will then pay out hive as well as LEO. Hive tokens act as more of a RC (Resource Credit) which is used to interact on the hive blockchain. The more powered up the more your vote is worth but also the more you can do on chain like writing, comments, playing games etc.

With LEO powering it up offers up some perks via levels which you'll need to keep a bit up on right now. The most up to date one as of writing this can be found here. A complete overhaul to curation on LeoFinance

The more you interact, use, power up LEO etc the more you become a part of the ecosystem and most likely the more you will start earning. Trust me I've been doing the Hive blockchain since it first came out and invested time, money and resources into it all to get to were I am today and it's only in the top 500 still got a long way to keep growing but it all happens with day to day interactions so just treat it like you would twitter or medium etc.


The LEO token is also much more than a hive only token it can also be wrapped on to other blockchains and used in swaps or defi platforms.

The two core platforms are CubDeFi and PolyCub which we will go over in more detail.


CubDefi was launched first about two years ago when the craze of Defi just started. Cub runs off of the Binance smart chain which really is just Binance the BNB Token.

Now it's also important to note that with DeFi platforms you are subject to something that is called Impermanent Loss which simply means as the two token prices change you could end up losing more than making depending on how the markets react between the two.

LEO can be used on the farm as a pairing of BLEO-BNB and at the moment offers up a 18.98% APY.

This pairing allows you to earn some fees abut also the CUB token which can be traded, swapped, or used on other farms such as bHive and bHBD or within the kingdom to earn more cub.

bhive, bHBD and bLEO are what are known as wrapped tokens for the binance smart chain and is why they have b in front of them.

You can wrap and unwrap these tokens on


Much like CubDeFi polycub is on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain which you most likely hear a lot about if you use the Ethereum blockchain.

LEO can be wrapped into pLEO and used on this defi platform in the farm PLEO-WMATIC to earn polycub tokens which can be traded or used in a lockup method called xpolycub.

Coming Soon

This is only information that's public knowledge from watching AMA's and other podcast put on by Khal and the community.

Ad Revenue You'll notice a few ads on threads and on articles. This has been building revenue in a smart contract over the last I'd say year or so. Soon this smart contract will become active and start buying LEO tokens off the market hive, binance, ethereum and polygon.

This should not only help fuel the price of the LEO token but also create activity and hopefully rewards for the Cub and Polycub tokens.

Ad Expansion Want to push your article, your thread or your profile a little further? Soon you'll be able to pay for such spots with various cryptos including your LEO balance to promote such things. This new internal ad system should drive a little growth and value into the LEO token.

Subscriptions? I've heard rumor's of setting up subscriptions for locked content on threads but I'm going to be honest with you. I feel like it would be a very underutilized product if used at all. I just don't see it happening in terms of people actully paying for it.

Overall this internal ad system will help further boost revenue streams and diversify the platform so it's not reliant on a single from of income. All of this will stimulate the tokenonomics of it all. The ad buy back smart contracts is expected to evenly divide up the rewards to those who are staking the LEO token given yet another of the many reasons why staking your LEO tokens is a smart move.

If your wondering how you can get started threading and writing articles and getting paid for it join LeoFinance today by clicking here > Join LeoFinance

After you join drop me a comment from your new account so I can follow you and help you along with your journey.

Don't forget this is only the start of what LeoFinance will one day be. It's come a long way in just a few short years.


Great explanation about the Leoverse. I'm beginning to see things in another perspective. The DeFi part is unexplored by me for now. Exciting things on the coming soon section :)


Thanks so much for this great article, the platform is really impacting my writing skills indeed, especially after joining this great initiative, from Leo glossary to SEO in articles is really improving my article write-up now. I can't wait to see the Ad Revenue and the Ad Expansioon features that are yet to be added.