Why Building In This Way Is Critical To Growth

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Why Building In This Way Is Critical To Growth

Being in business I've had the chance to work with many top marketers in the industry along with hundreds of clients. In the course of that you start to figure out the groundwork or blueprint of what makes a successful business. While there are always some minor changes between every business type in this article I'd like to go over my own view points of LeoFinance this time around. Btw I see 3speak is finally going to be implementing some changes here soon about what I've been complaining I mean asking for over the last year and a half now.

The Groundwork Comes First

In order to build a successful business you need to have a vision of how it will work on paper and then start building the groundwork of this all. During that building phase working with developers you'll quickly start to learn what's possible and what's not possible. Often times a small feature could become a major task and could be cut out as it doesn't provide a lot of value. What you may get in its place instead is something more simplified that gets the goal done more efficiently and propels the application forward.

The groundwork then needs to be tested (Which we see happening now in Alpha testing) which should soon become public. I'm expecting Feb 1st or soon after.

This groundwork testing makes sure scaling isn't too much of a issue later on and that core elements of what would make a successful application are in place and working. The reason for this is in many cases you have a single chance to get someone on your social network and using it.


Engagement is going to be the number one thing that's going to keep people coming back and using leothreads or not. If I make a post on a new social network and it gets no likes, followers or a comment do you think I'll be coming back tomorrow? In most cases no and after the second or third time it's out of sight out of mind.

This is why engagement is going to be one of the most critical aspects of the success of LeoThreads over the few pennies earned from making posts. If you have a solid, well structure and engaged community then that community grows and with it revenue and earnings will come naturally.

Reward spam and things people don't want to interact with and quickly watch it turn into a spam feast of poor engagement and any real value.


Producing a powerful platform that offers a little something towards a niche community they find of value is a great way to find steady growth and word of mouth growth. LeoFinance says threads will be focused on "Crypto Twitter" So what can LeoThreads offer that community that beats out what they are currently get on twitter? Well that's the million dollar question isn't it.

Outside of that I also believe paid influencers can also make a impact. It's a great way to get communities of people to come in and interact with their favorite person on a new platform with new content. The things is influencers have a tons of options to them in terms of social media of which many slap them in the face even thought they helped build that platform into what it is today. A new rewarding platform that offers up revenue (like youtube does) could be enough however with that it also needs to bring the engagement aspect to it. It needs to not just be a single creators but many.

With these elements in place there is no reason why LeoFinance aka LeoThreads (Unless it's getting a new name?) could be a multi million dollar platform in terms of generated revenue for the business itself and the community involved with it. I know the team has talked about all of these other monetized methods they want to release and I'm hoping that's not what is holding back the release. Until you build a solid user base many of those other monetization methods like subscription feeds and so on will not matter or be so under utilized it's not worth it. Plus it's most likely going to make up a VERY SMALL percent of the revenue generated.

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