Martha Stewart Launches Recurring Seasonal NFTs



One of the most recognizable lifestyle and DIY personalities is taking her first steps into the world of digital collectibles. Martha Stewart officially launched her first seasonal NFT series on her website, which features exclusive digital art and photos.

The site reads, “Pumpkins don’t last, but NFTs are forever.” The first collection launched in mid-October and included Halloween-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT) that feature some of the DIY master’s favorite pumpkin designs over the years. This drop contains multiple collections, including the aforementioned pumpkin carvings, festive photos of Martha, and an exclusive collectible series.

According to the listings on the site, the exclusive collectible series is already sold out.

Stewart plans for her NFTs to become a recurring seasonal and holiday offering on her online shop. She called her new digital collectible boutique “Fresh Mint.”

Keeping up with the NFTs

This year NFT sales surpassed $10 billion in the third quarter alone. However, according to data from Statista, only one in ten Americans purchased an NFT in 2021. Within that group, the overwhelming demographic is millennial men.

Nonetheless, Stewart believes her long-time legacy and ever-growing fan base will bring her NFTs success. Stewart also called herself “cool” for joining in on the craze. Before minting her own digital collectibles, she said she consulted her doctor, Snoop Dogg, and crypto bull Mike Novogratz.

Like Martha, many major entertainment personalities and enterprises have jumped into the NFT minting craze. Recently, the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s launched its own metaverse for curated NFT collections.

In addition, Stewart’s collection is in collaboration with Tokns Commerce Inc., which provides direct-to-consumer sales of NFTs in sports, music, and entertainment. Jamie Tedford, the co-founder and CEO of Tokns, commented on Martha’s new digital collectible venture, “Her whole career has been curating a lot of beautiful things and interesting things,” he said. “She’s just doing it in a different format now.”



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