Capo John And The Militia Travel to Splinterlands HQ Part 4: The Grasslands


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This is an epic tale of Somalian Militia Leader who controls the majority of Splinterlands bots making his way to Splinterlands HQ to confront the devs around the new ranked battle update. But getting to Splinterlands HQ ain't gonna be a walk in the park. After coming up against real life monsters in the water and fire splinter, Capo John and his militia have now stumbled upon a grasslands before the mansion.

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Part 4 A tale of Earth and Treachery.

Capo John brushed himself down after his fight with the Fire tank Grum. He looked upon the lush green grasslands in front of the Splinterlands HQ. Judging by the last two fights with the Water Splinter and the Fire Splinter he summised that the Earth monsters were next. This was confrimed by a giant Llama popping his nut up out from the long grass.

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"Ganesh ready the militia, and fuel the Toyotas. This one is going to be a tough fight."
"The earth splinter is slow. Are any of the militia fast runners? We will need them."

Ganesh grabbed three men from one of the Toyotas. Tall gazelle like men with no meat on their bones.

"These men can run 100 metres in 11 seconds." replied Ganesh.
"Excellent Ganesh. We will need them. Speed is the key to beating these Earth monsters. They used to be all muscle but now they are all magic. Getting lazy and complacent."
"Keep your eyes peeled while we navigate through this lush landscape tomorrow."
"Even the trees can kill you."

"Did any of your men watch Jurassic Park Ganesh?"
"Yes sure. I have it on VHS at home."

"VHS? Very posh, Ganesh. I must review your salary as you may be on too much to be affording such luxuries."

"The Earth Splinter now have two dinosaurs so I predict Rexxie and the new one Grund will attack first. Rexxie is old and diminished now. One swipe of a machete and he will be dead. The new one Grund will be more of a challenge."

"There will also be a goblin psychic or wood nymph in the woods."
"I will need your gazelles to take them out while I deal with the dinosaurs."
"Got it boss."

"All that will be left is a tree hopefully so we will cut it down and use it for fire wood."

"We shall depart at first light."
"What about breakfast your highness"?
"We shall depart at first light after breakfast"
"Do we still have some of the cat Yodin left over from the Fire Splinter?"
"Yes sir."
"Then we shall feast like kings before we battle."

First Light after breakfast....

Man the Toyotas. We leave.

The militia moved through the grasslands. Capo John stroked the scar on his right cheek and took a swig of his favourite brandy Hennessy.
This kind of landscape was right up his street. He had killed many a Rhino and elephant in this grass so a couple of dinosaurs were not gonna be the end of him. Capo John wasn't afraid of no dinosaur, they should have been afraid of him.

He spotted Rexxie in the distance. A pitiful sight.
No shield and no claws.
Capo jumped from the Toyota and grabbed a lump hammer from the back of the jeep.
He ran towards Rexxie who had just spotted him. Rexxie turned around.
Lump hammer straight into the chops.
Rexxie was left without a tooth in his head.
He tried to bite Capo John but without any teeth he was useless.
Capo John cackled with laughter as the trex pressed his gums around his body.
The game was up but Capo did not wish to kill the animal. It was because of Rexxie who was the former face of Steem Monsters that got him interested in the game in the first place.
"Run free my friend before I finish you."
So Rexxie fled the scene of the battle. A bitter end to his Splinterlands fighting career.

Just then Capo was hit not just once but twice in the back by another creature.
"The two hit combo" thought Capo winded from the surprise attack.
"It can only be Grund"

Fast, lots of health and a powerful punch not once but twice. Capo may have met his match.
From the corner of his eye he saw Ganesh and his gazelles taking down the nymph and the goblin like Yoda. The rest of the militia were dealing with some tree, a snail thing and a unicorn. This could be the end. Capo John was hit twice again by Grund. It was so hard that his glass eye flew in the air.
He may have underestimated the new Chaos Legion dinosaur. Grund stood over Capo John to finish him off. Capo closed his eyes and accepted death would become of him. His life flashed before his eyes. Killing his father in a knife fight when he was 5. Defeating his first crocodile. Wedding his first wife. Wedding his 15th wife. Killing his 1000th enemy. Such a long and fruitful life he had had.

Just then another monster ran out of the grasslands and attacked Grund. It was Flesh Golem. Capo got to his feet and struggled away to safety as the two Earth tanks went head to head. Rumour has it that all was not well in the Earth camp. Flesh Golem used to be the alpha tank and he was not happy that some dinosaur had taken his place. He would end up like Rexxie on the scrap heap so he decided to get rid of Grund himself like any Lion would do and this was his chance.

"Men!! Proceed towards the mansion"
Capo jumped into a Toyota to leave the battle that was gonna turn dirty as Stone Golem had just turned up as well. Another beta card on the scrapheap.

The militia made their way out of the grasslands and now they were at the Splinterland HQ.
They had started the journey with 100 militia and were now left with only 20.

Find out what happens when they enter the Splinterlands HQ next week.