The Motivational Speaker's Truth


The cheer and clapping from the crowd grew louder this time, as they felt every bit of what he was saying. Some of the voices from the crowd shouted "We hear you!!! Preach on!!", they wanted more as he was lifting up their spirits, inspiring and motivating them.

So the motivational speaker continued "you are the custodian of your life, do not let anyone's opinion of you control you. People would always say whatever they want to say, but you need shut them out. And not only those voices from the outside but the voices from within that keeps taunting you. Those voices in your head that tells you that you can't do it, you won't make it and so on. Wake up! Look in the mirror and say to yourself....I am enough, I have a sound mind, I am reaching for my goals", he finished and stepped down from the stage.

As he stepped down, a lot of people wanted to shake hands with him, express how thankful they are for his words have made great impact in their respective lives. Everyday day he receives lots of emails for how his words have touched their lives and been a blessing to them and this kept coming.

He shook a few hands and talked briefly with them then off he went to his hotel room, there his reality began.

"Do you actually think they were cheering for you? Hahaha, of course not they only liked what you told them and we both know that without those words you are nothing", the voices were back again.

"Don't push it too much, you really do not need to try harder. Remember, what Lori said when you when in middle are not enough. Soon people would come to realize that you are nothing but all words. You are even worse than most of them", the voices continued as it has always done from an early age.

The voices kept taunting him, trying to pull him down with every step forward that he takes. No matter how hard he tries to pull through to shut the just keep getting stronger.

It was an inner struggle, "shut up! Just shut up! People love me...yes...people love me....I know they do", he said as he went down slowly on his knees close to the bed and began to whimper like a child.

"What if people turn their backs on me?", he started as the voices won again like always.

"What if they discover I am not what I say I am? What if they start to hate me? What if.....", he said as he cried like a little child. A part of him, he wants to keep hidden but for how long?

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