Avoid spending to impress other people

For a long time now , I have noticed a common trend in various parts of the society concerning how they manage their finances via spending..

I observed how there are many individuals who often spend money simply because they only want to impress and not that they are spending on what they really needs or what they really want.

And that have made such people to spend more than they can afford or more than their financial strength can carry, they spend on things which is way beyond what their income can accommodate, so why do they still go ahead with the spending even when they know it will hurt them financially?? Well they want to impress other people by trying to act rich even when they are genuinely not rich..

I believe the goal of everyone is to be rich and not to appear rich to others , spending money only because you want to impress others would only make you to become bankrupt and it will never make you to have a better life or make you to have better financial strengths..

Spend money on things that will add value to your life , things that will make your money to work for you and keep growing, do not spend on things that will make you go broke or that you do not really need..

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