All the Way


The beginning is usually the hardest part of an endeavor, always the best time to do what it takes to stay stable and remain consistent.
Most times it feels like it's a slow process because when on the roll, the journey may feel stuck or it comes to a standstill.
I'd rather be the soldier that runs forward towards the enemy with weapons to be unleashed.
There's absolutely no time to retreat, no time to run from the insurmountable adversary. The progress stand tall in the amount of blows that can be take . How much longer would one be willing to take to become the last man standing .
The ground feels safest to return to after each fall because it feels comfortable and comfort brings no value.
The preseverance that is well able to keep the fight till the end determines the next level.
What's next as it is heard?
The answer lies in the depth of how the struggle last.
The struggle determines the end of the means.
At all times, it is appropriate to be alive and awake to take on the task at hand without doubt.
Even when doubt arises, move swiftly towards the target, never to back down.
Victory is won by one more blow, the enthusiasm to strike even when there's no reason to.
Take heed, take hold of each opportunity because the struggle never ends and the elevation towards a progressive world is the place of wonder.