The Contemplation

Just for the fact that I'm not moving, that doesn't mean I am still at the same place.
My love has gotten me so intrigued to the point that I only relate intimately with myself. There are also instances that one feels compeled to go out their way to make the status quo attainable.
Where am I headed?
Let's just get fixated at the end of the line. Words just words, but those 2orfs make absolutely the entirety of the word.
Words are heard so I'd be taking all 2ords into recognition especially the words spoke by me.
Truth is you might fail at what you don't love, and you might as well do what you love.
The pouring out of thoughts make up for a relief, when the heart is burdening, we'd definitely need to feel elated.
At a point when it would be best to relate personally with self, it's absolutely mind-boggling to let the underlying roll out in full style.
No not just a rephrasal of what was lost but for what would be gained.
When the resources keep depleting, it's absolutely time to refill, don't let it get to the bottom and in the same vein, get ready for an overflow.
Are there any of you that isn't ready to take all into hands, being the controller rather than the puppet, making realistic steps to bringing all into recognition.
Being caught up with self, not the false but the true self.
In all ramifications, let's uphold the best that is yet to come. At this point, still standing tall in my belief, anyways wouldn't deny that it is tiring.
So what's best?
A true manifestation of oneself can only be through oneself.
Uphold the standard held, a really high standard.
The standard rather the bar is set high, now absolutely everything is achievable, within reach.
Just by a long stretch, does it really have to be far to reach, when absolutely it should just be there, pick it up and keep the sight ahead of what comes ready.
At this point, my hands don't want to go anymore but let's relate with the truth.
I'm absolutely tired to the point that I'm numb. I simply can't feel me, what path I head.
Omo, every path but the truth is life just got easier,simply a follow through all the way.