The end, the beginning.


You know I actually love it when the tape is rolling.
The last time I had the tapes rolling, in actual sense there was a recording of experience, a brief one it was.
Seating on a spiritual wooden chair making incantations, it was dark and power was out just with a rechargeable light that was almost out of power.
Suddenly in a state of euphoria, ideas as swift as 9.8 ms-² began rolling.
Seated with relaxing sound playing from the earpiece from one melody to another, the questions began.
How do we begin?
Year in year out, it's just been a routine because truly life is a routine. The consistency of keeping everything in the right order.
Yes, it's stressful as it may sound. I heard you just got to do it because of what you get -the positive thrills. It doesn't have to exhausting.
What do I lose?
I started with nothing, so ending with nothing would be something, although the truth is we are here for the long haul.
I mean starting with nothing and definitely completing with something.
At this point, Brian Tracy's book "Something for nothing," what a big deal because this is me holding myself accountable. I'm actually tempted to give an excuse, there's always one even though it might sound cocky.
The way out is what we seek. Got to keep this intuition open, your scope alone doesn't matter a bit. Understanding the concept from different variation in wholeness would definitely win this one.
Enjoying the melody so softly in my head the the voice sings to the tune although reality strikes in swiftly.
There's me seated with a task to complete.
Don't bother asking what the task is.
Today, a special day but in all truth all days are special, and diverse notes would say otherwise but all variations would become glaring.
Putting into perspective where I am.
A lot has been said, a lot has been done.
And truly there's nothing to prove either.
Now everyone seem to have a solution to prove the way forward and yet the proven doesn't justify a way out.
What next?
Sabali again.
Surely, it's sabali and it has to transform.
The best is not to lose state, remain formless.