The Way Out


Just one interesting fact about life and cars; you're here now you are here. The truth is you don't know what you've got until it goes missing. Been a straight up Automobile guy all my life with the dream of owning an automobile company, and never still backing out of the pursuit. How do one get from where they are to where one wants to be is the question that comes to mind. It's not funny at all because it has to be answered. Write about cars while getting into the crypto-world and oh! It does sound fun. What do I get to lose? Nothing really is happening and you've got a target that is aimed at. Taking the bull by the horn just as the Matador goes in with the bull. When asked if you want something, an experience preferrably, it's best to agree to it then decide on the way if still interested in moving forward. Forward, definitely in a progressive direction we have moved and still moving towards. I heard Nas talk cryptocurrency in a song by Dj Khalid with Jay Z also. Hive is the flow and it's amazing how the $1 mark has been hit, with HBD making a run.
A lot has happened in the last 15 days for which I take all responsibility for. The goal is to keep moving with hive, it has made all expression easier to make because the race is just beginning.