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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+490.073 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.79 CTP for botefarm/140-000-sports-staked-2-000-lass-staked-we-keep-moving
Author reward: 1.894 CTP for botefarm/the-little-game--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 2.912 CTP for botefarm/loosing-again--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.012 CTP for botefarm/silent-field--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.951 CTP for botefarm/more-protests
Author reward: 0.767 CTP for botefarm/safe-game--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 7.935 CTP for botefarm/115000-sports-staked-1400-lass-staked
Author reward: 1.649 CTP for botefarm/reporter
Author reward: 0.939 CTP for botefarm/the-old-game--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.093 CTP for botefarm/reporting-our-game--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.52 CTP for botefarm/the-quiet-goal--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.536 CTP for botefarm/awaiting-results--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.362 CTP for botefarm/the-last-game--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for botefarm/qphfi6
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for botefarm/qpgf0o
Author reward: 0.924 CTP for botefarm/an-inside-job--a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.77 CTP for botefarm/77-000-sports-staked-and-1-200-lass-staked-i-think-i-m-addicted-to-staking-up
Author reward: 0.815 CTP for botefarm/120-000-sports-staked-it-keeps-getting-better
Author reward: 1.412 CTP for botefarm/stars-of-the-past-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 2.922 CTP for botefarm/the-desert-game-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.778 CTP for botefarm/the-progress-so-far-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.465 CTP for botefarm/22-30-days-blogging-challenge-pt-02-ep-22-start-over-button-what-would-you-do-with-it
Author reward: 4.811 CTP for botefarm/the-great-final-defeat-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.059 CTP for botefarm/qp521r
Author reward: 3.178 CTP for botefarm/the-final-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.453 CTP for botefarm/cryptocurrency-exchanges-and-cryptocurrency-market-capitalization
Author reward: 1.291 CTP for botefarm/120-000-sports-staked-to-reach-11m-sports-1600-lassecash-staked-to-reach-33-000-lass-staked-i-m-loving-this
Author reward: 1.198 CTP for botefarm/21-30-days-blogging-challenge-pt-02-ep-21-describe-your-latest-dream
Author reward: 0.799 CTP for botefarm/that-one-game-sad-game-2-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 2.876 CTP for botefarm/that-one-game-sad-game-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.283 CTP for botefarm/the-no-win-game-2-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.853 CTP for botefarm/the-no-win-game-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 12.166 CTP for botefarm/it-never-happened-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.705 CTP for botefarm/miracle-in-cell-no-101690
Author reward: 1.483 CTP for botefarm/the-incoming-stars-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.972 CTP for botefarm/re-katerinaramm-78frqz
Author reward: 3.001 CTP for botefarm/110-000-sports-staked-to-reach-10-8m-sports-staked-1400-lass-staked-to-reach-30-000-lass-staked
Author reward: 1.991 CTP for botefarm/the-second-chance-a-sports-freewrite
Staked 15.008 CTP to botefarm.sport
Author reward: 1.417 CTP for botefarm/the-failed-game-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 1.148 CTP for botefarm/20-30-days-blogging-challenge-pt-02-ep-20-explain-your-profession-to-a-5-yrd-old
Author reward: 12.443 CTP for botefarm/the-best-of-them-all-a-sports-poetry
Author reward: 5.9 CTP for botefarm/the-political-game-a-sports-poetry
Author reward: 1.923 CTP for botefarm/95-000-sports-staked-can-t-wait-to-buy
Author reward: 1.813 CTP for botefarm/holy-defeat-a-sports-freewrite
Staked 24.607 CTP to botefarm.sport
Author reward: 17.63 CTP for botefarm/cold-games-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 0.467 CTP for botefarm/19-30-days-blogging-challenge-pt-02-ep-19-my-self-limiting-believe
Author reward: 6.51 CTP for botefarm/the-devil-s-game-a-sports-poetry
Author reward: 1.394 CTP for botefarm/how-it-began-askleo-when-and-how-did-you-become-a-monetized-content-creator
Author reward: 3.542 CTP for botefarm/for-the-game-and-passion-a-sports-freewrite
Author reward: 4.473 CTP for botefarm/the-goals-the-trick-a-flash-fiction
Staked 26.538 CTP to botefarm.sport