Hive's growth is restricted by those who hold the most Hive power


Hive's growth is restricted by those who hold the most Hive power these people are not using their power to make a good positive effective impact on Hive instead they farm the shit out of Hive with their friends and encourage others to power up while selling all their earnings.

On Hive there are many useless games, tribes, tokens, and other things that only take and do not give back we like to call those black holes many People are being misled into investing in these worthless things.

We have no real new users adding value to the platform just sucking it out as fast as they can Hive has the technology but seems to lack any direction.

On Hive those at the top are clueless, and it's unclear who Hive is being built for so we ask the readers who is Hive being built for.

It's a well-known fact that Hive has owners despite all the claims that it doesn't and we all know the people who call the shots are behind who shows up on trending pages many of those trending posts receive no comments and no real comments instead people comment to receive likes and farm some Hive.

Hive will continue to face the same issues if nothing is done to address them, On Hive the problems are often swept under the carpet but there's no smoke without fire, and Hive has a lot of smoke.

At Bilpcon, we are working to make Hive a better, fairer, and happier place for everyone we feel that everyone should have equal opportunities on Hive regardless of our race age, or writing abilities and it should not be who you know on Hive.

If you care about Hive and want to see it succeed, you must be part of the solution, not the problem.

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