Leo - Holy wow.

What can I say. I should have listened to @jonolson and more then likely @taskmaster4450.

See I listed to cryptomaniacts and read something by Task about wealth building.

Put the two together and it goes something like this.

Jon sold all his HBD and bought Leo. He is still buying Leo. Task sadi something like sell HBD by low, sell high, put back in HBD. At least that was my take.

I thought about it. 4 cent Leo. We all know it was a steal of a deal. When I finally got to sit down this evening and seen it was at 8 cents. Oh boy. And the buy/sell order books look real promising.

Do intake the risk and wait 3 days to power down 171 HBD and buy all Leo? I am extremely tempted.

With the daily updates and improvements to threads. With the upcoming ad revenue sharing. A bear market that is probably closer to its end than the beginning or middle.

It would almost seem logical.
I do have some liquid HBD. Maybe I will play and see what happens.


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For me, it was more of a stress reduction. I didn't want too many tokens, I wanted to focus on only a few. Hive, CTP and LEO. Those are my trifectas lol