Mr. Positive Quote of the Day 236 - Paralysis by analysis


Happy middle of the week Liketu'ers and Hivians,

I found this little gem for you this morning.

“Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… decide what you want, create a simple plan, and get moving!”
― Steve Maraboli

I been there and I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people on Hive talk about not being able to write a post. All day thinking about what to write and never getting a post out. You cause yourself to be 'PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS'.

You are thinking to much. Every wonder how I manage to put of 2, 3, 4 posts a day? Besides the fact that I read a lot. If your brain is dead stop thinking. Put your fingers on the key board and let your brain move your fingers. You will be totally suprised what comes out.

Read other peoples posts, read the news, watch the news. Look out the window. There is always something going on in the world that you can use as inspiration .


  1. Post on Hive at least once a day
  2. Bring some joy to my wife today
  3. Onboard Vanessa to Hive
  4. Stay positive and keep a good attitude
  5. Promote Hive to someone new
  6. Get Curation Trial to 200 people
  7. Hit 6000 HP by end of 2023
  8. Do 2000 strait days posting on Hive
  9. LPUD every month in 2023
  10. Save 1 Million HBD in my life time


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Have a super positive day everyone.

All roads lead to Hive.

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Getting out of our own way is a big one, Bradley! How many times do we second-guess and doubt ourselves when thinking about doing something? Great quote! I've experienced getting in my own way many times, and in contrary, what it's like when all of me is aligned and focused - completely different worlds of experience, let me tell you! Thank you again for another excellent quote, and your thoughts on the subject! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙


Yea, get moving, interesting and truthful quote.