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I hate these evenings when I want to write a post and I got absolutely nothing.

To tell the truth I got so much going through my head that I cannot think about what to get out of it to a post.

And knowing a lot of other Hivians have the same issue I thought I would do the first part of the post about absolutely nothing. Lol

Seeing this is my 1211th straight day posting it was bound to happen.

But there is some big news. T minus 1 hour as of typing that the Task App by the CTP Talk team will be launched.

From what I have read it is going to be like the old


From Wikipedia StumbleUpon.

"StumbleUpon was[3][4][5] a discovery and advertisement engine (a form of web search engine) that pushed web content recommendations to its users. Its features allowed users to discover and rate Web pages, photos and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing, social-networking and advertising (sponsored pages) principles. The service shut down in June 2018."

I belive the Hive version is meant, with the help of some AI, recommend Hive content to you based on your interests.

And I believe that is fantastic and long over due.

I seem to reference @Taskmaster4450 and one of his posts in most of my posts. Well he educates me so much and writes so well I cannot help it.

Hive Just Keep Building.

I hope you have or will read his whole post but here come one part that goes with my post.

"It is impossible to say the impact the "TaskApp" will have. Nevertheless, this is falling in line with an expanding list on Hive.

Medium-style blogging
Listnerds - email marketing tool
LeoThreads/DBuzz - microblogging
That is a wide array of social media applications covering a lot of what people do online."

I don't know the effect the TaskApp will have either but I got a awesome sauce feeling.

If nothing else as Task said it is adding to Hive. And every brick added to the foundation makes Hive stronger.

You have to remember in the large picture Hive is still a baby. We are still building, the correct way, slow and steady.

I look forward to seeing peoples reactions and feedback to the TaskApp.

I look forward to using it.

I look forward to the future while watch the House of Hive being built brick by brick.

No wolfs will blow down this house.

I got myself from nothing to totally feeling alive and Thriving.



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Have you used stumbleupon before? I never really used it so I am not sure what to expect out of it.

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