Bro accounts and Hive - Part 2


A very good morning .

Last week I had posted about Bro account and Hive ( Part 1 ) , today we shall continue that and see more data related to Hive and BRO accounts .

You can find the PART 1 here - .

Today we shall see curation and author rewards .

Curation rewards


Note 1 : This is weekly data . The numbers are aggregated for each week .

Well this says July 2nd week was the highest earning month ( curation rewards ) .

But the numbers doesn't make sense isn't it ? What does 1.1 M rewards mean ?

Well we just talk about Hive , HBD , Hive Power all the time but when retrieving the data from HiveSQL we get the data in VESTS .

So these numbers are actually in VESTS . Well although converting this to HP doesn't change the pattern , I will show the chart in HP too so that you know the actual numbers .


Well the pattern won't change when converted to HP . So 630+ HP was earned in July 2nd week .

Final thoughts - The pattern says that the amount of HP earned through curation have been decreasing over time .

Authors who got most curated ( based on curation rewards for brofund accounts)


Well what the number actually means ? If you see @trumpman, it says 622.6 . It means that 622.6 HP was earned by @brofund accounts where the author was @trumpman.

The rest is self explanatory I guess.

Author rewards


Note 1: This is monthly data .

Note 2: This is only HBD payouts .

This is a good pattern to see as the author rewards ( in HBD ) has kept on increasing and July 2021 was the highest earning month .

Author rewards in HP

We all know the we get paid in HBD as well as in HP . So let us see payouts in HP too .


Now this shows a different pattern than HBD right? How come ? Why isn't both the same ?

Take this example :

Let us say in January the price of Hive was 25 cents and we got 100 HBD payout which means we got 400 HP payout right ?

Now if we take today's scenario , Hive is 50 cents and we got 100 HBD payout - we will get 200 HP payout and not 400 HP .

So although HBD payout value is same , HP payout will differ based on Hive price .

That's it from me today . Will be back next week with another analysis post .

Regards ,
BRO analysis team .


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