SPS dividends so far for BRO holders .


Good evening to everyone .

Happy to be posting about this . I don't think I have anything to say about SPS and Splinterlands which hasn't been told / talked about by others here on Hive .

We are very fortunate that an amazing game like Splinterlands is on Hive .

This post will be about the SPS dividends from @brofund-sps for BRO holders .

Some stats about SPS and BRO

First SPS dividend by @brofund-sps : 2021-07-29

Latest SPS dividend by @brofund-sps : 2021-08-09

Minimum SPS dividend sent : 0.001 SPS

Maximum SPS dividend sent : 102.028 SPS

User who received the highest dividend ( 102.028 SPS ) : @chronocrypto

Average SPS dividend : 0.793 SPS

Median SPS dividend : 0.032 SPS

Unique number of users who received SPS


Well ranges from about 390 to 480 . 480 on 9th August ( today )

Amount of SPS dividends sent daily


Almost a similar chart if you observe .

The good news here is that the highest SPS dividends paid is actually today :)

Both together


Well you can easily see here that both correlate with each other . When the dividends is higher , even the number of users receiving is higher too .

Why is that ?

It is because many users hold small amount of BRO and when their portion of dividends is less than 0.001 SPS they just don't ( can't ) get paid .

So my suggestion is to hold atleast 10 BRO so that you get all token dividends everyday .

Users who are receiving highest amount SPS for holding BRO .


This is the beauty of HIVE , you can see accounts like @spinvest and @discohedge getting good amount of SPS dividends . These are investment accounts ( similar to BRO ) and hence they make profits and pay out to investors . The cycle goes on and on and at the end of the day , these investment token holders are the ones who make good profits .

Another reason to hold BRO

This is why I love BRO personally . You don't know which tokens will be released in future and by holding BRO you get a chance to earn those tokens without doing anything at all . So it's not too late , go buy BRO now and in future you won't regret :) ( Do your own research before investing though )

That's it from me today . Will be back soon with another analysis post .

Regards ,
Data analysis team .


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