Onboarding Through Gaming

I have always had it tough trying to onboard some of the people closest to me into the world of crypto. I am sure this situation isn't peculiar to me alone because I know a lot of us would love for our friends and family to come along in this journey of crypto revolution but how to go about introducing them to it becomes the ultimate tasking task.

First, not only would you at some point feel like splitting their heads right open and stuffing them with CRYPTO because of the way they are going to frustrate the hell out of you, but you are also going to be entirely responsible for the step by step growth at every level until the very top.

Even when they have known enough to explore on their own, they would always want to come to check with you to get your opinion before pulling the trigger on a particular decision. As much as this sounds like a thing of honour, trying to get your opinion every time can be infuriating and frustrating.

I know you would like to know why I am hell-bent on onboarding people I care about, why not just let them be. Well, I would really love to let them be, but with the financial situation around me at the moment, onboarding them isn't only a matter of the pride of introducing just another person into crypto but the thought of empowering another relative financially who would have ordinarily looked for a handout from me...another financial burden off my shoulder.


I realised that I have been making the mistake of thinking that everybody is going to be able to string some of words together, upload and earn money because I can do it and have been doing it. I realised that blog posting isn't especially going to be everyone's forte.

I have been wrongly trying to onboard everybody through writing instead of trying to understand first what their strong points are. I have been even begged by some of them to please make short posts for them so they could post and get their account going. Phew!

I had obliged a few times but stopped when I realise that the growth that I intend to inspire, isn't gonna be achieved that way. I ultimately withdraw my support and watched from the backgrounds if they would be curious enough to figure things out themselves or not and know what decisions I had to make.


After I talked to a friend who wasn't so keen on writing but loved photography, I realised I could onboard her through noise.cash and its many photography channels and chambers. I did and it was really easy for both of us.

Easy for her to keep up because all she had to do was upload some of the very beautiful pictures she already had on her phone, make just a line of coherent write up a bit related to the image like she already does on Facebook and voila.

The little success I had with onboarding through noise.cash photography made me realise I could do more with games, I mean many people would be a lot more enthusiastic when you tell them they could play some virtual games and earn money while at it.

The Hive blogging platform offers a unique opportunity to onboard newbies into the crypto space. Because apart from the usual write to earn opportunities littered on the platform in terms of the different niche based front-ends it boasts, like Leofinance.io, weed.cash and sportstalksocial.com, there are also some very nice play to earn virtual games on the Hive blockchain.

Games like Rabona which is a Soccer manager game, Splinterlands and dCity are some of the best crypto-based games on the hive blockchain which are better-suited for introducing people to crypto than the more tedious ways of writing which many newbies usually find difficult to cope with.

I have been playing Splinterlands for barely 3 weeks now and I have already got two of my friends interested and they can't wait to try it out.

Even though I am yet to start my football manager career with Rabon, because I want to get the absolute hang of Splinterlands first, I know some of my friends are absolutely going to love the idea of it, because I have some football-loving friends with whom I have played CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER with in the past, which is almost the same thing with Rabona but now there is the incentive of earning alongside.

I feel a lot more enthusiastic about trying again, to help some of the people I had given up on in the past when they weren't catching up with my old ways of onboarding. I know I am going to achieve a lot more success this way and I cant wait...I await them to get their laptops as they have said they would.

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Gaming is usually the best way, not everybody will enjoy writing posts but playing a game if is good enough is way more easy and entertaining for the newbies at Hive

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