The Rich Are Getting Richer In Life...and on Splinterlands.

It has been such a rush on Splinterlands and the speed at which everything is moving has been overwhelming, I won't lie.

First and foremost, I have had such a wonderful gaming experience and if it didn't have anything to do with money in the first place then I might not have had any single thing to complain about because I am absolutely loving it so far. But, since there is money involved, emotion is definitely going to be involved too.

It has been roughly 8 weeks and I already feel like a veteran of the game and I haven't even used Yodin Zaku and The Llama yet. Hahaha. I totally love and hate those two and I can't wait to let my opponents know what I mean.

Well well, for about a week now though, the rush has slowed down for me, not because my love for the game has died down, far from it, far from it. I am sure we all have been enjoying the spike in the prices of everything we own (Cards & DEC).

I understand that it is still early stages for the game and the developers are constantly tweaking and fixing loopholes, so even if I scratch my head in disappointment today, I could still nod it in excitement tomorrow, so it's not all that bad.

Cost Of Card Rentals.

At the moment, I am finding it difficult to keep up with the cost of renting decent cards in the market. I know, what's the alternative right? I can't afford to buy those cards, but renting is kinda becoming unaffordable too.

During my first couple of weeks playing the game, I saw myself pushing high up the power ranking because the cost of renting good cards was pretty affordable for me.

With a few bucks and some good game strategy, I got myself up at Silver III level. Some of the cards I used to reach this feat were Oaken Behemoth, Dragon Jumper, Robo-Dragon Knight, Mylor Crowling. As of 3 weeks ago, I got all these together for 7 days rent, under $6 total. But right now, Level 1 Oaken Behomoth alone, costs approximately $6 for a week in rent.

That means, if my goal is to move up to at least the Silver I level, I could spend around $40 in rent. Would it be a good financial risk? Could I make enough in DEC and end of the season rewards to cover that investment?

The renting system was introduced to help as an affordable alternative to outright buying of these expensive cards, but renting in itself is becoming an expensive venture.

This whole scenario is good news for those who have lots of cards in the rental market, in other words, those who started early. For those still new in the game and are trying to come up, the price of renting these cards could make you decide to stick it out in the Bronze levels. But what would be the point of playing and not making progress? The DEC reward from battles at this level is almost insignificant, so there would be just little financial reward to playing the game.

Buying Quest Potion With DEC

Boy, this really sucks ass. I woke up one morning and realised I could no longer buy the quest potion with my Game CREDITS. I understand that the idea behind this is to stop some rich folks with multiple accounts from milking the system and printing daily DECS and Cards for themselves but man! I am not sure this is it.

It would make sense if at least we could get those quest potions randomly from completing daily quests like we get those other potions. I mean, buying the quest potion with 750 DEC at the current price which translates to around $6, what's to guarantee that you would be getting anything close to a dollar in those chests?
I think the developers could come up with a more suitable alternative for the daily quest potion, say $2 for the potion and the chest contents could be just DEC and maybe a refill of the Dark Energy Capture Rate. What do you think?

Since the new update on the Quest Potion purchase, I no longer look forward to completing the daily Quests. I just battle away and rack up on those tiny DEC and wait for the season to end so I'd restrategize.

I am currently at 9K power(Bronze I, what cost-effective cards could I rent (at least 4) that could shoot me up to the Bronze II level. Anyone? Please!

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