My Logo DESIGN for "EL Surtidor" project


Greetings friends! Today I come to share with you one of my most recent identity design works.

This work is made for the project "El Surtidor" (a curational project on Steem) and consists of several applications for use in different ways and formats.

The concept I used was the union of the water fountain with a war tank to create a unique graphic identifier, with a lot of strength and a jocular touch.

"EL Surtidor has a mission to fulfill"

Here is the graphic identifier

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 6.png

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 5.png

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3.png

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 4.png

This is the version with only the project name

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png

This is the version for the account avatar

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 7.png

All designs were made using Adobe Illustrator so all artwork can be scaled to the size you want without losing image quality.

If you want to hire my services as a graphic designer leave me a comment or a message on Discord.

Take a look of my work here