RE: Hive: The Solution For Paywalls

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@taskmaster4450 Everything you say is true, Hive has a lot of potential and better features than most existing blockchains. Still it is necessary to add more value to the Hive blockchain by giving it more uses and applications that will make it grow.

In my opinion there are two key points that need to be addressed:

  1. There is a need to go back to having a project like what Utopian was, a platform that encourages users to develop new Dapps by availing the support of communities and individuals with skills.

  2. It is necessary to create a crowdfunding project like Fundition to connect blockchain with real life and thus transform everyday life by helping people to solve problems using Hive as a platform for this.

The massive adoption and use of Hive can only happen if we create value together and if we transform daily reality with resources generated in the Blockchain.