Behold the Power of Dragons! Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!

Hello splinterlanders and hope you'll enjoy reading through my blog post! With the start of Chaos legion presle I'm excited to see the new cards that will be introduced to the game.

This weeks challenge is DRAGON and I've come with the perfect battle highlighting their strenght in battles:

Lineup and strategy

Match details

  • 27 Mana Cap
  • Rules: Stampede
  • Active: Only Earth and Dragon

Opponent history

Enemy mainly plays his favourite pick: Mylor Crowling in 4 of his last 5 battles. Moreover, this is a level 2 Mylor and his other cards are leveled up too! and with only Dragon and Earth available I'm in a tight spot for sure.
But Never Surrender


Kretch Tallevor


Obviously my choice will be dragons if I want to have a chance versus Mylor and it allows me to play Djinn Chwaya

First Position

Djinn Chwala


The Badass and Carry of this game:

  • Beefy 5 Armor to sustain Thorns damage
  • Juicy 9 Health making it a great tank even against Magic
  • Thorns giving them a taste of their own medecine!
  • A total of 4 damage (2 melee + 2 from Thorns) per round

Second Position

Naga Assasin


Decent monster for only 2 mana:

  • The highest 5 speed
  • 1 ranged damage doesn't get affected by thorns
  • Weak if enemy tank has shield

Third Position

Spirit Druid Grog


Any magic damage can be nullified by Unicorn + Mushroom Seer

So besides his 2 magic damage, it got Resurrect: if a monster is resurrected, it comes back with 1 Health but keeps his original Armor!

I'm hoping it can revive Djinn Chwala so it keeps tanking and get to use Thorns for much longer.

Fourth Position

Child of the Forest


Almost the same stats as Naga Assasin: High speed + melee damage.

Snipe is great, if not crucial. If I want to beat Mylor, I must get rid of mushroom Seer and Wooden Nymph before they melt my tank in a couple of rounds.

Fifth Position


  • Again a ranged monster with enough damage and snipe abilities will hurt the backline!
  • Decent health against sneak attackers

The Battle

Here is the link to watch the battle: Enjoy!

Round 1


Every monster is at least level 2 or higher, my eyes hurts because of how many gold cards he got but that doesn't stop me from watching with excitement! Luckily there is NO unicorn nor Wooden Nymph so maybe I believe in tiny chance of victory.. RUMBLE!

Round 2


I guess things are getting better than expected! At least my snipe strategy worked so well!

Chiken + Mushroom OUT

Too early to celebrate, the Battle is not Over!

Round 3


Honestly I'm so happy I've chosen Spirit Druid, the magic damage came in handy against the Shielded Stone Golem without Djinn suffering too much from Thorns!

Stone Golem OUT

Round 4


Remember when I said I'm happy that I chosen the Druid? Forget it!
Mantoid died first to Goblin thief and it got resurrected instead ... I was like: YAMEROOO (Stop in japanese, yeh I read a lot of manga)
Well, only 2 left! Let's GOO

Battle Result


That was a close, fun and exciting battle for me, Goblin Mech almost took out my entire team but finally sealed the Victory with only Child of the Forest and Druid surviving!
I did read many guides insisting on the synergy is more important than individual strong cards and that's the beauty of this game. As you noticed I've been level 2 and 3 cards with only level 1 cards.
Gimmie That juicy 6.7 DEC

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