I Am Alive Challenge Post 57 - #IAAC

Hello fellow #IAAC members! I am happy that I can again say that I am #ALIVE!


Had A Strange Day At Work

So today started out pretty odd at work. I got an email from one of our contractors asking to get paid for work I specifically told them not to do because I did not have the authority to authorize the work. Luckily I had sent an email that said exactly that otherwise I might be in some trouble. Probably still going to be a bit of a mess getting things straightened out.

Nine Day Streak!

Not much to talk about today but didn't want to end my streak, short as it may be. Weather is hot and will be all week. Looking forward to the cooler weather that will be coming soon.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive, and Stay Awesome

Back at it again today. Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow! Have a great weekend!