I Am Alive Challenge Post 60 - #IAAC


Hello fellow #IAAC members! I am happy that I can again say that I am #ALIVE!


Out of My Slump

Yesterday's post must have knocked me out of my slump. I was really hot and heavy doing some trading and working on some python coding for one of my projects.

I've really started to get the hang of working with Hive and python and think I will have my second project up and running soon. This one is a Hive token auto-trading bot. I've got about 1/3 or it worked out and it is going well so far.

Still Hot

It is still hot as all get out. I've just been staying in but my silly dogs keep going out and laying in the sun. They lay there for a few minutes then come back to the house panting.
Silly dogs.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive, and Stay Awesome

Eleven Day Streak! Almost broke my streak today but I actually got out of bed to come down and make a post.

See you all tomorrow!