It is Fri-Yeah! - I Am Alive Challenge Post 54 - #IAAC


Hello fellow #IAAC members! I am happy that I can again say that I am #ALIVE!


Five Day Streak

Ok, this streak is starting to be a little less embarrassing. I'm going to be out with friends this evening so I decided to get my post in early.

So Much Rain Last Night

It really rained hard here last night. We got over 3 inches of rain and it mostly came down right after I went to bed. We have had a lot of rain this summer which is nice. Everything is so green.

Garden Starting to Fade

Pretty much everything in my garden is done for the summer with the exception of my tomatoes. They are still producing a good many tomatoes and probably will until frost comes in November.

This fall I want to move my beds around and put a fence up around it to keep the deer out, so I likely won't be planting a fall garden. That will be a fair bit of work but it is the kind of work that is good for the soul.

Working With Hive Engine in Python

The next step in my evolution in Python is starting to work with the Hive Engine functionality. Last night I managed to create a small script that will pull the balance for a token in an account. Next I want to add on to that and have it stake that token.

I'm slowly getting there and if I just keep plugging then hopefully one day I will understand everything much better. Right now I'm struggling with accessing the values in objects returned from the api.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive, and Stay Awesome

Back at it again today. Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow! Have a great weekend!



Great to hear that the tomatoes are still producing Captain, and nice that you keep on learning Python for Hive, I do that too to make the scripts needed for paying out dividends to ALIVE stakeholders which will come soon, enjoy your Friday and stay !ALIVE