I Am Alive Challenge Post 62 - #IAAC

Hello fellow #IAAC members! I am happy that I can again say that I am #ALIVE!

More Missed Days

Well my last streak was only 1 day, so time to start a new one.

Working Some More With Python

Made some edits to my first script. As I'm learning how to use functions better I'm seeing how a I could do a re-write of that script to make it much more efficient. I probably will do that at some point. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it, it goes in to lower priority.

Also working with python and the Hive Engine more too. I've managed to put in a buy or sell order in for a token. I see there is a way to cancel orders but haven't tried it yet. Looks straightforward. Then some logic and .. boom. My trader will live!

I am also working on some code to automatically stake tokens. I have a number of accounts and would like to create a script that goes through them and automatically stakes the token rewards. Hive Engine makes this easy too.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive, and Stay Awesome

See you all tomorrow!

Streak Stats

Current Streak: 1 day
Max Streak: 11 days



Great to hear that you continue learning Python Captain, and let's hope you next streak lasts longer than a day, stay !ALIVE